Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Narcolepsy Can Really Hurt Your Career...

Joseph in IL sends in this rather humorous story about a criminal who might want to switch from decaf to high test...

Alleged mugger falls asleep in the middle of his crime
Early Saturday morning, a 60-year-old man in New Orleans, Louisiana found himself on the wrong end of a pointed gun. He was led, by the gunman, to an ATM to withdraw money. However, as WDSU News reports, the alleged mugger, 17-year-old Meyagi Baker, didn’t get away with the crime. It wasn’t because the 60-year-old man overpowered him. It wasn’t because police spotted the crime in process. It wasn’t because a Good Samaritan jumped in to save the day. It was because Mr. Baker fell asleep, mid-crime.
Fell asleep in the middle of armed robbery. That's a new one on me. That's got to be the luckiest guy in the world right there, the one that got robbed. Not only did he get his money back, but he didn't even have to break a sweat getting away.

Now, this is a 17-year old kid. With a gun. To the best of my knowledge, a 17-year old cannot even own a handgun in LA. He certainly can't carry it legally. Yet, here we have it happening. The story mentions a mandatory sentence of at least 10 years for armed robbery. I'd like to take bets on how long he'll actually serve, but I suspect no matter how short we guess, it would be too conservative.

At least he'll get a ration of crap from the other crooks...

That is all.

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Anonymous said...

Louisiana state law allows open carry starting at age 17. No private sale restrictions.

Federal law requires age 18+ to possess a handgun, and 21+ to buy from FFL.

So, if the weapon was visible, and if this was the guy's first felony, it may be that in the instant prior to drawing the weapon that the kid was breaking the federal possession law, but had broken no others.