Monday, June 30, 2014


Stay classy, MA...

Cops: Woman found drunk, asleep, with two kids in the car
An East Wareham woman was found drunk and asleep at the wheel with her engine running, her headlights on, and two kids asleep in the back seat, Carver police said.

Around 9:10 Saturday night, Carver police were called to Tremont Street where they said the woman, identified as Jennifer Bangs, 40, of east Wareham, had been seen driving her 2002 Mercury Sable in and out of a residential driveway in Carver.
If you are so drunk that you can't negotiate a driveway, maybe it's time to admit you have a problem. What's infuriating is that this woman thought nothing of drinking to the point of passing out behind the wheel - with her kids in the car. She got so stinking drunk that she lost consciousness with the engine running, while her kids were still in the car.

Mother of the year right there, folks.

I don't understand that mentality, I really don't. My kids are the most important thing in the world to me. The idea that I would deliberately put them in unnecessary danger is so foreign to me. I'm also trying to figure out what happened - I'm sure she didn't take the kids to a bar, and I would like to think that a restaurant wouldn't serve a woman with two kids in tow enough alcohol to make her pass out in her car.

In any case, it will be interesting to see how light a slap on the wrist she gets - this is MA, after all...

That is all.


Old NFO said...

Her butt needs to be in jail and the kids somewhere safe!

Anonymous said...

Jay, sadly there are some who are so afflicted by the compulsion to drink, that they cannot help themselves. I cannot excuse them, but I do pity them. In the 5.5 years since I put the bottle down, I have seen horrors. Two men I knew ate .357s rather than succumb to their craving. One woman took up the drink again after seven years, got drunk, went into the back yard with a jerry can and self immolated. One woman, a friend of twenty years, and the one who saved my life, took up the bottle again one month shy of fourteen years sober. At 5'7" 127#, she parked and sat in her car at the beach and consumed two 1.75 liter bottles a day for three days until she tried to take her life. Mercifully, my beloved friend survived; she'll hit a year sober again any day.

It is not that they suffer from a lack of willpower; it takes terrible force of will to continually, knowingly abuse yourself.

Thankfully I never got in any legal trouble, or caused an accident. There is help, but only for those who desperately want it and are willing to work for it.