Thursday, June 19, 2014

Just One More Law...

That's what the Left tells us will stop the horror of mass shootings, right? Pass more gun control and the shootings magically go away, right? It's only through the stonewalling of the Right (and certain civil rights groups) that we still have these horrible incidents. Common sense gun controls like magazine restrictions and one-gun-a-month laws will stop all firearms crime, right?

So, then, explain this story sent in by Joseph in IL. Seriously.

Florida inmates accused in foiled shoot-and-sue scheme
Authorities in Florida charged two prison inmates on Tuesday with shooting themselves with a smuggled pistol in a foiled scheme to sue the state for their injuries in hopes of reducing their sentences.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement said in a statement that five others - the mother of one wounded convict and the sister of the other, along with their girlfriends and a fellow convict - were accused of assisting in the scheme. Two women charged in the case were still at large, authorities said.
They were IN PRISON, and STILL managed to get a firearm. Cogitate on that.The gun-free-est of gun-free-zones, and yet still hardened criminals were able to get their hands on a firearm. Puts things in perspective, no? Even if the gun-grabbers were to get their wildest gun control dreams passed, we're still going to see violent acts committed with guns.

We just won't have effective tools with which to fight back.

Recent events ("Teach men not to rape") have really left me doubting the flipping sanity of a good chunk of the human race. When someone says something sensible like "women should learn to fight back" and is pilloried as excusing rape? That's insanity, folks. In a perfect world, we wouldn't have to fight back, because no one would do bad things.

But we don't live in a perfect world. We live in the kind of world where violent criminals can get firearms inside a gorram prison. A place where you are searched constantly, where you have no right to privacy whatsoever, where the state controls, literally, your ever moment. And yet these two Einsteins still managed to not only get ahold of a firearm, but to use it.

Fortunately, they elected to use it on themselves in a plan that not even Wile E. Coyote would have signed off on, but still. This seemed like a reasonable course of action. Not only that, but they were able to get a firearm INTO A DAMN PRISON. There are people out there that think you can stop rape by teaching men not to rape (as though there are no female rapists). I would wager the Venn diagram with "People who think that you can educate criminals to not commit crimes" and "People who think gun control will stop criminals from doing bad things with guns" is a single circle.

But yeah, passing a "one gun a month" law or a "certain arbitrary number magazine capacity" law is going to stop horrific crimes. People known for smuggling items into prison still got a deadly weapon into what should be the most secure of secure facilities, and yet there are people out there thinking that "just one more law" will stop criminals from doing bad things.

And there's one more thing. The sheer incompetence of the officials that allowed this to happen. Reading the story, it seems like these geniuses had someone mail the gun to them. Um, what? No one opens packages to prisoners? X-rays them? Now, the gun was a .25 ACP, which means it was more than likely pretty small, but still, it should have been damn heavy for a package going to an inmate. If it wasn't GROSS incompetence, it was collusion. Neither instance covers the jail in glory here...

I don't want to live on their planet, folks - heck, I don't even want to visit.

That is all.


Formynder said...

Wow. Just wow.

ProudHillbilly said...

They make a major mistake - they don't believe that evil exists and therefore all people can be reasoned with. Cain slew Abel and he sure as heck didn't do it with an AR-15.

Anonymous said...

Here in Illinois, we had an attempted rape of a woman pushing a baby stoller.

I jumped up and screamed "YES" when it was reported that the assault was stopped because the woman hit the guy in the throat. (He ran off and assaulted another woman where resistance was much less.)

Teach men not to rape, but also teach women how to defend themselves. Raise your daughters to be like the Sci-Fi heroines/villanesses (like Susan Ivanova from B5, Aeryn Soong from Farscape, or Servilan from Blake's 7).

Joseph from IL