Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I Think, Now, I Have Seen Everything.

Both Stretch and #1 Blogdaughter sent this one in. I'm still shaking my head here, boss...

Stretch limo made from three bodged-together Deloreans
This was at the Delorean show last weekend!! I'm so bummed I missed it. I thought it was Saturday and Sunday, but it was only Saturday. My friend posted a photo of it with the doors shut. Here's a monster delorean. Also, I was told there haven't been this many deloreans in one place since the factory closed.

Yes. It is exactly what you think it is.

Now, I do hope that at least one of the Deloreans was a wreck; ideally all three were badly damaged and this is the result of putting them back together. I really hate the idea that three perfectly good Deloreans were sacrificed for this, mind you. Not the motor - that was Renault excrement - but intact bodies can be used to very good effect in other ways.

Like, say, building a Delorean on a 2014 Corvette Stingray frame using the frame and running gear from the 'Vette. Tell me 460 horsepower wouldn't atone for the sins of the underpowered V6 originally put in the DMC. Now there is a project I could get behind right there. Hmmm. Original Vette is $55K. Could probably find a Delorean with a blown engine but decent body for $20K or less. For under $100K you could have one sick ride...

For one thing, you'd be able to outrun the Libyans this time...

That is all.

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Anonymous said...

Rich w located in Illinois. I do believe the limo was constructed from basket cases.