Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I *Love* This Kind of Thing...

Video: Boba Motoring’s 1000hp AWD Volkswagen Golf is Hilarious Insanity
Boba Motoring’s “16Vampir” Volkswagen Golf is somewhat of a YouTube celebrity and with over 1000hp on tap while weighing in at only 980kg, it’s easy to see why. So today when Boba Motoring uploaded a new clip of the car breaking its own record in the quarter mile, we had to see it for ourselves. In the video below, the 1000hp Golf rockets down the quarter mile in just 8.66 seconds at 172mph.
Now, it's the European Golf, which was known here in the US as the Rabbit. I had several friends that owned GTIs in the late 1980s and early 1990s. I had several friends who rolled GTIs in the late 1980s and early 1990s. I even owned a Golf-based GTI for a few months right out of college. They're fun, zippy little cars.

8.66 second quarter mile at 172 MPH is NOT what I would have expected.

Obviously this is a fully race-prepped car. The motor is turbocharged and the car was swapped over to AWD (probably to keep it from launching itself into space). Taking a small car best known for its handling capabilities and turning it into a straight-line monster is awesome. It would like like taking a Brinks truck and tweaking the suspension so it could autocross. Totally unexpected.

Sleepers are my absolute favorite - I'd love to see this car with a regular paint scheme eating up Corvettes and Mustangs...

That is all.


Dave H said...

A friend of mine wanted to convert a tour bus for off-road driving and enter it in the Baja 500. Then I saw one on television a few years later. It wasn't racing, but a lodge in Canada used it to drive guests out on a tour of a glacier up in the Rockies.

Peter said...

Reminds me of a motoring review of the first turbocharged Golf GTI model in England in the 1970's. The reviewer said that in a straight line the car was unbeatable, but that it had "all the cornering characteristics of a well-made brick".


David said...

I owned a Golf for awhile. Aside from the plastic radiator that broke, having to replace the freeze plugs, and the gas tank that had been patched with a tin can, it was a great little car.

The funny thing is that having grown up in Florida I didn't even know what a freeze plug was.

Geodkyt said...

That's why I loved my sister's 1978 Volare station wagon.

318 V8, AND a functional spoiler that worked the way it was supposed to meant it ran like a raped ape. . . but it looked like we stole it from Carol Brady.

Anonymous said...

I like sleepers too. A buddy of mine had a V8 Chevette
that looked stock, complete with the awful factory woodgrain vinyl stickers on the sides and the roof rack. It was totally uncontrollable on the throttle but huge fun.

Go to the bottom of this page

and check out a 550hp AWD 2001 Beetle.


Bradley said...

Thats at my old stomping grounds, Bitburt flugplatz (airport).

It should be noted that he is not on a real race track, its not flat, there are seams in the concrete and it is slightly up hill. No spray on the track, no pimp juice, just years and years of rubber from the slicks going over it.

My personal best as a very low 13's at that track, but that we before boost and before N2O was on the mustang.

here is a video of me getting beat in a bracket by a 600+hp AWD supercharge AMG Mercedes.


Cargosquid said...

Brinks truck and motocross.

Being a former Brinks driver...I'd pay good money to see that.