Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday Car Pron #36

After my '80s flashback earlier this week, you just knew the car pr0n was going to be something from the 1980s, right?

Wrong! :)

Actually, I was looking for a picture of the 1983 Daytona 500 25th Anniversary special edition Trans Am. A good friend of mine growing up had one of those (this was in 1987, mind you, when the car was only 4 years old). He traded in the 1982 Oldsmobile 98 that his dad handed down to him for the T/A - which, mind you, had the 350 V8 from a 'Vette installed instead of the anemic 305. How anemic was the 305 in 1983? It put out 150 horsepower - the same power that our 2000 Honda Accord put out.

The 1999 T/A above is the last body style and the 30th anniversary model for the Trans Am (not the Firebird, introduced two years previous). For this edition, the WS6 Ram Air edition, a 300+ horsepower 350 from the C5 Corvette came standard from the factory, restoring some of the glory to the Trans Am badge. For a long time, I drove past a used car lot with a 2002 WS6 Trans Am for sale EVERY. DAMN. DAY.

I wanted a Camaro/Trans Am so bad I could taste it growing up. I had at least a dozen friends who owned at one time or another a Camaro, Firebird, or Trans Am. They were in various stages of decomposition, from the decrepit '78 Camaro with the crappy V6 my buddy Doug owned to the aforementioned '83, and everything in between. I came exceedingly close to buying a 1980 T/A in the early 1990s, but in a rare display of good judgement walked away when my mechanic told me that, essentially, the used car lot had disabled every single pollution control in the engine - and left it there.

And now GM has totally ruined the Camaro (by being GM), so I'm going to have to hit the lottery and restore a '67...

That is all.


Anonymous said...

Just a minor nit to pick... an '83 Olds would still have the 307. The only reason I remember - I got my 2nd speeding ticket in a plain Jane '83 Delta 88 with a manual bench seat and those marvelous / evil GM crotch cooler vents.

Mike the EE

Anonymous said...

Yeah, thanks to the eco-weenies and insurance companies, 80s automotive "performance" was pretty pathetic. At a mere 150 horsepower, that boat-anchor 305 V8 only put out two more ponies than the 1.8 liter four in my 2012 Hyundai Elantra. (And the 350 of that era wasn't much better.)

It's too bad that now that the manufacturers have figured out how to build fast cars again despite all the required electronics and smog crap, that the feds are going to regulate them right back out of existence with feel-good environmental quackery, overregulation and artificially-high energy prices...

--Wes S.

NotClauswitz said...

Talk about Godwins' Law of Vehicles - my dirtbike buddy Baxter had one of those and everybody called it the Dick Car.

Anonymous said...

I have a 1999 Trans Am GTA WS-6, 6spd manual. Black on black, with T-tops, bought new. It has 137,600 miles on it and has never been wrecked.

Yes, there is a God.

I will be 65 next month and have never owned a car with auto trans.

I see no need to trade this, particularly since the new Camaro is underwhelming.