Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday Car Pr0n #34

With the Golf/Rabbit GTI posted earlier this week, I had to go with something else from that time period. Here's a car like a friend of mine owned back in the day.

Dodge Daytona Turbo Z CS (for Carroll Shelby).

His was black and had the hood scoop, but otherwise the same car. With the 2.5L turbo and a five speed transmission, it actually moved pretty good - for a car built in the 1980s, that is. These days, a four cylinder Altima would totally smoke it, but at the time - when the Chevy V8 was putting out 170 horsepower - it moved pretty well.

Man. Volkswagen GTIs and Dodge Daytonas. All I need now are some parachute pants, MC Hammer, and hair. Cruising Hampton Beach, trying to work up the courage to talk to the ladies, man, that was a different time. Like when I could stay up past midnight, or lift objects over my head...

Now you kids get off my lawn...

That is all.


Johnny - Oh said...

I remember seeing one of these is a car magazine back in the day. The owner had put a huge snorkel hood scoop on it, Krager racing star wheels, huge Mickey Thompson drag tires on the rear, wheelie bars, and even a parachute! Looked like it could go low 9's in the quarter mile, but it was still box-stock and front wheel drive. Talk about psychological horsepower.

Ken O said...

My friend and college employer had one with several "off road only" upgrades from Ma Mopar. Bob had been blinded in an accident and had not had a fun ride in his baby for a decade. I still remember making the 3-4 shift at 115 before I ran out of road.

Three weeks later Blind Bob's wife caught the garage on fire and burned the car to the ground.