Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Chicago Doesn't Mess Around

Not only do the dead vote in Chicago, but - according to this article sent in by Gerry - they also have great health insurance...

Audit: State paid $12 million in health costs — for dead people
Cook County has long been ridiculed for allowing dead people cast votes, but the state may have just garnered a new distinction.

It paid $12 million in health care for people who were already dead — including in one case, for a person who had died in 1989.
But don't worry! They're going to get that money back! They've already recovered more than half the money - although there's no documentation of any recovered money. Just take their word for it. Why would they lie to you?

I liked this:
“We expect to have it all back. The organizations and providers who were overpaid acknowledged that it was a mistake,” von Alroth said. “This was disclosed to us more than a month ago, and we immediately addressed it. The auditor general made us aware of the findings. As soon as we were made aware of it, we took immediate action. We began recovering the payments right away.”
Really? You've been paying for health benefits for someone that passed away in 1989. That means 25 years. I'm pretty sure that you're not going to recover that money. The other possibility here - and it doesn't exactly cover the county in glory here - is that someone who died in 1989 was signed up for this "Managed Care" program in the last couple of years. In other words, more than 20 years after they died, they were still on the rolls for health care.

Hey, if you're gonna vote, you might as well get sick time for it, right?

That is all.


PJS said...

What Chicago needs to solve its all problems is a couple of community organizers. :)

Ted said...

It was a simple mistake.......

"Active Medicare recipients were automaticly rolled over onto the managed care system".

....... So since the state was being reimbursed by the Fed, there was no incentive to clear out the dead from the list .

...... And they only found one dead person who was making claims against their insurance. ????!!

Dave H said...

"And they only found one dead person who was making claims against their insurance. ????!!"

Yes. It was all they needed to show people that they were Doing Something(TM).