Friday, June 13, 2014

Another Year Closer To The Convent...

It's Friday the 13th. And a full moon. But neither of those things scare me. You know what scares me?

It's my daughter's birthday today.

Eleven years ago, our family was completed. My sweet little girl came into the world - two weeks late, which should have been an omen to us that she would never be on time again. Eleven years, many trips to the ER and other assorted health care professionals (this is the child that stuck a makeup wedge up her nose, mind you), and my daughter is another year closer to growing up and moving on.

She's had a big upheaval with the move - she makes it clear on a regular basis that she misses her friends in MA and she doesn't want to be here in VA. Of course, she'll then beg to be brought over to the HOA pool or to go ride her bike in the subdivision with her gang of friends, so I think the protestations are becoming more for show.

It's been one crazy ride, but I wouldn't miss this for anything.

Happy birthday, honey. I love you!

That is all.


Dave H said...

Jay, if it's any consolation my oldest daughter is still *****ing about us dragging her to New York and away from her friends in Ohio. And that was 15 years ago. Even though she married a man from here and her kids were born here.

Some people just aren't happy unless they're unhappy about something I guess.

Anonymous said...

And in 2 years, she will be a teenager.

May God have mercy on your soul (and the missus).

And in 5 years, you might have to start scouting out places to hide the bodies..... I mean discourage undesirable potential suitors.

Joseph in IL

Knucklehead said...

Wow, 11 years old! Best get these "Rules for dating my daughter" to you sooner rather than later.

You'll thank me someday.

You can read the very important first 10 rules here:

But the most important rule that you must make clear to the wannabee beau, is Rule 11.

Rule 11:
Never forget, young man, that I am not afraid to go back to prison.

Dave H said...

Jay, I just realized something. You don't need to be cleaning your shotgun in the living room when she brings her boyfriend over to meet you. You just smile, shake his hand, and say, "Hello, I'm Mr. G, and I work for the NRA."

ProudHillbilly said...

Ah yes. And, by the way, you will NOT stop worrying when she hits 18 or moves out. There will just be grandchildren at some point to give you even MORE to worry about.

SCI-FI said...

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl G!

Old NFO said...

Happy Birthday to her, and remember teenagers are like Sailors, if they aren't bitching, start watching... :-)

ASM826 said...

It's the modern world. Just text the kid the url for this blog.

Eck! said...

Ah foo, It is the modern world.

Remind him everything you did wasn't plagued by someone following your hacked cell. Oh, and if he says the cell ain't hacked the answer is "Yep it is now!".

Modern version of just cleanin my gun.


NotClauswitz said...

Happy Father's Day!

Roy said...

I have a daughter who is now 28 years old. When she was little, and I would watch her and her friends play, I thought those little girls were the cutest things that ever were. But now she's married, and ever since her wedding, whenever I see a little girl, I don't think "how cute" anymore. All I can think now is that some poor schlub is going to have to pay for her wedding.

It will come a lot sooner than you think, my friend.