Friday, May 30, 2014

What Hosers!


This Town Built a Memorial to the Wrong Guy
Officials in Ottawa — the national capital — recently bankrolled a public art project intended to celebrate the late Jack Purcell, a local man who mended broken hockey sticks and gave them away to neighborhood children.

But bureaucrats in the country’s capital somehow blew the installation. Big time.

Instead of a tribute to their beloved community member, who already has a park named after him, Ottawans received a baffling memorial dedicated to an entirely different Jack Purcell.
The intended Jack Purcell spent his free time mending broken hockey sticks and giving them to poor Canadian children. Because every hoser deserves a stick, eh?

The other Jack Purcell was a badminton champion (they have those! Who knew?). So the statues wound up being some avant garde (see, a shout-oot to the French Canadians!) statute that looks somewhat like a badminton racquet without strings.


That is all.


Knucklehead said...

You'd think they would have said something, or the artist would have asked something, about the person being memorialized. It seems to me such things matter.

hat said, somebody has to say this...

Serious badminton will have you doubled over and sucking wind in no time. Well, me anyway. I've done it - wicked stuff. And you have no idea how it can be played until you stand there against a good player who swats that shuttlecock around and you can't touch it. Downright humiliating.

Dave H said...

I'm all for artistic freedom, but if it's being done on my dime then I want a look at a prototype, or at least the design notes, before it's committed to stone or bronze.

Anonymous said...

Jack Purcell mended hockey sticks for poor children during the depression, so no mockery please. Would you mock someone who gave baseball gloves to Americans urchins?

As to the other Jack Purcell, I gather you haven't played badminton against a skilled opponent. I played against a former Olympian who was in her 60s. I was 24 years old and I never stood a chance, losing 21-2.

The City of Ottawa has had Liberal mayors for most of the last 100 years. The hierarchy is top heavy with tax-and-spend bureaucrats in charge of every department. When I bought my house I didn't even look at any in the Ottawa region.


Jay G said...

Al, my apologies to the hockey stick Purcell. My intent was not to make light of his generosity.

As for badminton, well, I've never liked it because the damn birds make too much noise when crammed into a tube...

Anonymous said...


Daniel in Brookline said...

"shout-oot to the French Canadians"... I like your spelling, Jay!