Thursday, May 8, 2014

Treading a Fine Line...

So, I saw this last night on Facebook:

And my first thought was, wow. That's awfully insensitive. There are young girls missing in Nigeria, and some jerk photoshopped our FLOTUS with a pathetic, tear-jerker sign. What a craven, trying to score cheap political points while young girls are in danger.

And then I saw that it wasn't a PhotoShop.

Michelle Obama Tweets Message of Support for Missing Nigerian Girls
Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani teenage activist who survived a Taliban assassination attempt, also spoke up for the missing girls, in an interview with NBC News.

On April 14, militants with the Islamic fundamentalist group Boko Haram reportedly attacked the Government Girls Secondary School in the northern Nigerian town of Chibok and kidnapped nearly 300 girls.
So, let's see. The girls have been gone for three weeks, and the best we can do as the most powerful nation on earth is have the First Lady hold up a pathetic sign? Hashtag activism? That's all we have?

The people responsible for this are of the same bent as the people that took down the World Trade Center. They've got to be laughing so hard they soil their garments at this. The most powerful nation in the world, the same one that destroyed the Taliban and smashed terrorist training camps all over the Middle East and Asia, is not only powerless to do anything but happy to show the world how powerless we are?

What the bloody hell is this going to drive these monsters to do next?

They don't respect us, and after a stunt like this, they sure as hell aren't going to fear us. How brazen are they going to be after this? I mean, you have the woman that sleeps next to the most powerful man in the world practically begging the monsters to, well, stop being monsters. Those girls are gone. They've been gone for 3 weeks. I hope I'm wrong, but I fear they are no longer able to be returned.

And what do we do? Some pathetic display of faux concern meant to convey just how much we care. We're sending a team to help look for them. A non-military team, because we don't want to offend anyone. These bastards are terrorists, you yutz. What the bloody hell do you think is going to happen if our team does happen to find those girls? Are we going to ask the terrorists pretty please to give them back?

Or are we going to be holding up gorram hashtag cards for the American team?

That is all.


Ted said...

Well if that doesn't we can always roll out the " Big Guns" and have the U N send them a "strongly worded letter".

That should bring them in line.

Anonymous said...

If Mrs. BKO should have held up a sign that said


Everyone in that part of the world knows what that will mean.


Anonymous said...

Nice Hashtag.

Of course, Mrs Obama could use some of her own money and hire some African mercenaries to go find those girls and actually DO something instead of just "bringing awareness". But then Bringing awareness is what liberals do.

Dave H said...

"So, let's see. The girls have been gone for three weeks, and the best we can do as the most powerful nation on earth is have the First Lady hold up a pathetic sign?"

The girls, none of whom are American, were taken in a nation that is not America. The government of Nigeria is just now getting around to asking for help. What would you have the President do?

I agree hashtag activism is worthless. It's just a way for people to feel good without actually doing anything. But until this week there wasn't much else to be done.

Stretch said...

Now, now Jay.
At least Michelle has found the level of her competency.

Hunter said...

Over at Monster Hunter Nation, Larry C. has a great riff on this.

Ritchie said...

Here in the mile really high city, man, African students-actual Africans-are agitating for "awareness" and that something should be done(tm). My response would be along the lines of; what did you do when you were there? What kind of a continent did you leave behind? And will you be going back with large numbers of right-thinking friends?

Anonymous said...

It really is none of our business and happens all the time there. But, it hits the heartstrings and takes attention away from the real problems BHO's Presidency is bringing us. It's just good diversionary cover, nothing more.

dustydog said...

Apparently, thousands of Christian boys have been kidnapped and murdered. This is just the second time that girls have been murdered.

Michelle knew, or should have known, and intentionally wrote a sign to exclude the boys.