Monday, May 5, 2014

Rest in Peace, Marine.

Stretch sends in a bit of sad news.

Walter R. Walsh Dies at 106; Terrorized Gangsters and Targets
Walter R. Walsh, a world-class marksman who shot clothespins off laundry lines as a boy and went on to become an F.B.I. legend in shootouts with gangsters in the 1930s, an Olympic competitor and a trainer of generations of Marine Corps sharpshooters, died on Tuesday at his home in Arlington, Va. He was 106.
Y'know, even without all the records, Olympic medals, and heroics, that's a life well-lived. Add in that he was a pistol champion well into his 90s, that he was a G-man who took on gangsters in the 1930s and then went on to kill Axis soldiers a decade later, and would be captain of the US Muzzleloading team when he was 87 years old. Damn, but that's a mighty fine run, Mr. Walsh.

Do not mourn that such a man has died; rather, rejoice that such a man ever lived.

That is all.


Anonymous said...

Certified #1 Bad Ass.

Rest in Peace sir.


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RabidAlien said...

I pray that I can rise to become half the man he was. That would be an honor.

Rest easy, Sir, we've got it from here.