Thursday, May 15, 2014

Remind Me, Again, How We Have a [Tool of Choice] Problem?

UPDATED: One Therrell shooting victim now in critical condition
UPDATE: One of the four people hospitalized after being shot near Therrell High School Tuesday is now in critical condition, according to hospital spokeswoman Denise Simpson. One patient will be discharged at some time today and the other two will be hospitalized at least through Thursday, Simpson said.

The fifth person shot was treated and released Tuesday.

ORIGINAL STORY: The 17-year-old Therrell High School student accused of shooting five people near the southwest Atlanta school on Tuesday was out on bond for robbery, authorities said.

Marcellus Brooks pleaded not guilty less than a week ago to a felony robbery charge, according to Fulton County Superior Court records obtained by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Brooks was arrested last month by MARTA police in connection with a March 29 incident, and released after 15 days in jail on $8,000 bond, according to jail records.
We all remember this story from earlier this week, where it was ZOMG SCHOOL SHOOTING. Then ZOMG SHOOTING NEAR A SCHOOL. Then "well, it was a bus station kinda sorta near a school" and then when it turned out that no one died (thankfully, of course), it became a non-story.

So, basically, we have a 17 year old who was OUT ON BAIL using a firearm to shoot people. Remind me, again, what laws we could pass to prevent this? He's 17 - too young to have a valid carry permit in GA. Heck, he's too young to own a handgun in most places, short of being gifted one by a family member. Oh, yeah, and he's awaiting trial on felony robbery. How much you want to bet it was with a firearm?

So, AGAIN, we have someone that had no business being anywhere near a firearm illegally carrying that firearm to a place to illegally shoot someone he had a beef with. The anti-freedom side hears this story and bleats "MORE GUN LAWS" as though piling on ten or five thousand more laws would stop something like this.

And then they turn around and let felons out on bond after a couple weeks.

According to the forces against freedom, I shouldn't be able to own a magazine with a capacity greater than a certain arbitrary number to stop shootings like this. I shouldn't be able to own a rifle with certain features to stop shootings like this. I should have to jump through all kinds of hoops to get a permit to exercise my Second Amendment rights to stop shootings like this. No one ever tells us how further restrictions on the law abiding is actually going to stop shootings like this, though.

Meanwhile, they continue to slap the criminals on the wrist, crank the revolving door, and act shocked when criminals do what criminals do best.

That is all.

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Lissa said...

No one gets the flashy press conferences and PR knob-polishing for advocating that criminals stay in jail.

Knucklehead said...

What don't you understand?!?! We need vast Domestic Armed Forces under the direct control of POTUS to kick in the doors of every law abiding gun owner in the US and seize their weapons - every last one of them including air powered ones, bows and arrows, slingshots, and all knives sharper than a standard butter knife. Consequences be damned. If 10s of thousands wind up killed and injured that's the price that needs to be paid to make sure that criminals no longer have guns. Or something.