Thursday, May 8, 2014

REAL Green Energy Success

Brad_in_MA sends in a true success story...

IdeaPaint founder John Goscha unveils new light bulb
You might say a light bulb went off in John Goscha's head a few years ago when he thought about building a better energy-efficient light bulb.

On Monday, Goscha officially launched the Finally Light Bulb Co., a maker of an energy-efficient bulb that emits light just like the old incandescent bulb.
This right here, my friends, is America. We had to reinvent the bloody light bulb because the government took ours away. But, being as how this is America, we took one look at the problem, got all righteously indignant, and engineered around the stupid ban.

It's an awful lot like the Ares Defense SCR stock that takes out the pistol grip, really. A pistol grip somehow makes a rifle more dangerous (how? I have no idea. Ask a gun banner, they'll tell you it's the shoulder thing that goes up), so they took it out. They complied with the law - and it will be called a "loophole"...

How long before these new light bulbs are banned? They use copper, rather than the standard filament, and will cost more. How much do you want to bet there will be some "environmental impact" of all that copper or somesuch? The government isn't going to take the re-introduction of the regular lightbulb sitting down. No, they'll have to destroy this upstart, which is why they've operated in "stealth" mode so far.

Because if there's anything the government really hates, it's being thwarted in their socialist utopia plans by Americans being, well, Americans...

That is all.


Amiable Dorsai said...

Eh, this is just a variation on the fluorescent light.!K4fU0

It has mercury in it just like Eh, this is just a variation on the fluorescent light.!K4fU0

It has mercury in it just like a cfl. If it ever gets banned it will be on that basis, not because it contains copper. Copper is everywhere already.

Amiable Dorsai said...

Argh, hit the "publish" button instead of the "preview" button. Sorry for the lousy cut and paste.

Anyway, I'm told that this is an improvement on the CFL for several reasons: the Hg is less likely to escape because it's contained in a capsule inside the bulb; the copper coil heats the Hg by induction, so there are no electrodes to wear out; and the Hg is not in contact with the phosphor, so you get a wider choice of possible materials--that's probably where the claim that the light is "warmer" comes from.

All this is from a lecture I heard about 20 years ago (this is an old idea), so take it with a grain of salt.

Jake (formerly Riposte3) said...

Meh. Interesting approach, but LED's have caught up to this already. The pre-order price for these is $9.99 each, but I can get Phillips 60W-replacement LED bulbs with incandescent color for the same price at Kroger right now.

Even better, the linked LED bulbs are very lightweight - less than a similarly rated CFL, in fact. This is good for some of the older fixtures in my house, where I was worried about using the heavier LED bulbs that were previously available.

Jake (formerly Riposte3) said...

Oh, and the LED actually uses less power for the same light output (10.5W vs. 14.5W, for 800 lumens with a 2700K color temp).

And did I mention that I can walk out of the grocery store with the LED ones in hand, right now, rather than having to pre-order them and wait?

Douglas2 said...

Color-rendering index of 83 is good but not wonderful for a low-e lamp. And CRI is but a rough specification for a perceptual phenomenon -- I'd really want to see spectrogram of the light output wavelengths before I'd say that 90% of the population would really see it as equivalent in light quality to an incandescent.