Monday, May 19, 2014

None Too Bright...

New Orleans teen shot by homeowner during alleged attempted burglary last year is busted for burglary
A New Orleans teen who was shot in the head during an alleged attempted burglary last year was busted in another robbery just blocks away from the near-fatal shooting, authorities said.

Marshall Coulter, 15, was arrested Friday after he was caught skulking around two homes in the city's Marigny district and used a hidden key to break into one of them, authorities said.
So, let me get this straight. Last July, at the tender age of 14, this dunderhead gets himself shot in the head because he's trying to break into a house at 2 in the morning. He was in a coma, spent what I would imagine would be a good amount of time in the hospital, and managed to survive a gunshot wound to the head.

And then he just goes right back to trying to break into houses? Just ain't that bright, are you, son?

I wonder, too, how many times the phrase "He was a good boy" or some variant thereof was used last July when he was shot? I wonder how many times we were treated to tearful admonitions from relatives about how he didn't deserve to get shot, that he made a simple mistake and went to the wrong house.

I wonder how many times "Trayvon" was used, or "Stand your ground" or some variant there?

Do we get apologies from the bleeding hearts (That's rhetorical; we all know that being "progressive" means never having to own your mistakes)? I wonder if the man who was forced to shoot this SOB last year gets an apology from the people that besmirched him when it happened?

I won't hold my breath waiting for the apologies, mind you...

That is all.

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Old NFO said...

THere won't be a single apology... betting there will be NOTHING said...

Geodkyt said...

Yeah, and it turns out the cops lied on the arrest warrant they submitted to arrest the homeowner for attempted murder. Stated categorically that no evidence of an attempted illegal entry was found or that the suspect was ever any closer than 30 feet from teh house, when the police had already found the suspect's fingerprints on the very same window shutters the homeowner told cops immediately (as in the responding officers) he woke up hearing someone rattling them - which is why he got up to look around.

The family also has a collective history of burglary arrests, and the punk's own brother described the kid as a "professional thief".

Amiable Dorsai said...

Landry's off the hook:

The prosecutor decided it would be impossible to prosecute.

Stan said...

Ask and you shall receive:

"Marshall is a good kid... He just takes the wrong way sometimes."

Some apologism and mentioning of Trayvon.