Friday, May 30, 2014

Let Us Know How That Works, Okay?

So, my friend Rick Ector posted this story on Facebook last night. I was shaking my damn head...

Detroit Police, gas station owners fight back against carjackings
In a city with a persistent carjacking problem, many motorists fear getting out of their vehicles to fill a tank.

So Detroit gas stations are taking steps to protect customers, and the city has formed a special police team to go after suspects. Convicted carjackers will even get their faces and prison sentences plastered onto billboards.
I suppose in a world where we think that a hashtag campaign will stop terrorists it might make sense to "shame" carjackers, but in the real world I fear it will have the opposite effect. I can see gangbangers competing to see who can get on the most billboards, the largest billboards; who can have the meanest mug shot, etc. I don't think that anyone willing to stick a gun in your face to steal your 2005 Accord is going to give a hairy rat's patoot about being on a billboard.

What will stop them is actually putting their criminal asses in jail. Prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law, make them serve their time, and keep them off the damn streets. Watch crime rates plummet. At the same time, encourage citizens to arm themselves for protection and grant a wide berth for self-defense (which, to their credit, they do seem to be doing in Detroit).

Peace through superior firepower is about the only thing these vermin understand...

That is all.

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LMB said...

I prefer rehabilitation through reincarnation, as Oleg says.

Shoot a bunch of these assclowns and the carjackings will slow down quite a bit.