Thursday, May 29, 2014

I Never Would Have Imagined...

...that the Detroit as imagined in the original "RoboCop" would be the *optimistic* version compared to the actual, real Detroit of 2014? Joseph in IL sends in this most interesting (and hilarious) story...

Criminals break into Detroit police cars that were parked in police precinct parking lot
The tough times in Detroit, Michigan continue, and this time not even their police department is safe. Late Monday evening, some still unidentified people cut a hole in a fence surrounding the Detroit Police Department’s 6th Precinct . They went up to four different police cars and smashed their windows open. As WJBK FOX 2 Detroit reports, maybe the only silver lining in all of this was that nothing was actually stolen.

WJBK notes that the perpetrators declined to steal any of the expensive radio equipment in the cars. This leads police to believe that they were in search of guns in trunks. Detroit Police Deputy Chief Nene Hall points out, however, their weapons are not just left in car trunks. So that’s good. The Detroit News writes that police are reviewing surveillance camera footage, and do not have a description of the suspects – yet.
It's pretty humorous that four cars were broken into. I would imagine that they were in and out of the cars fairly quickly, because I would hope that smashing windows would draw a fair amount of attention. They appear to have been searching for firearms, and it doesn't appear that they found any (at least none the police would admit to).

What does it say about the mindset of a crook that would break into a police car that was sitting at the police station? To me, it sends two distinct messages. First, these are desperate people. Taking that kind of risk for what turned out to be no payoff whatsoever is a hallmark of a desperate person. Secondly, this is a criminal population that does not in the slightest fear the police force or the criminal justice system. That's a bad thing.

Hopefully, they'll catch the people responsible and bring them to just- aw, wait, who am I kidding?

That is all.


Dave H said...

The "expensive radio gear" in those cars is pretty specialized, and would be hard to fence. They're mounted pretty well too because no cop wants to be brained by a flying radio if his cruiser gets hit. So they're not good targets for smash and grab.

Erin Palette said...

As someone on the Book of Face said just a few days ago:

"Man, how backward has Detroit become that if you go south you wind up in Canada?"

Anonymous said...

The may also have been looking for the laptop computers, which could have given them access to the Detroit PD databases.

One good thing is that the rifles weren't left on the trunks.

ACS said...

Eh. My mom was a dispatcher for Tustin PD back in the mid-70s. They used to get the bubblegum machines swiped off the tops of cruisers all the time.

AndyN said...

So Detroit cops are better about securing their weapons than DEA, FBI and BATFE agents?

abnormalist said...

Robbing the cops is proving safer in detroit than robbing the population.

Far fewer cops have shot people dead this year than CPL holders in detroit.

lelnet said...

Don't kid yourself.

"Robocop" was already the optimistic version when it came out.

But yeah, like others I'd say the real take-away from this story is that those particular cops actually did a good job of securing theft-worthy items that might otherwise have been stolen from the cars. (Or else stuff did get stolen and they're not admitting it.)