Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday Car Pr0n #31

Man, trying to decide what to put up today was *tough*. After last week's awesome gullwing, I thought about something with crazy doors, and naturally, what came to mind?

Yep, the Delorean DMC-12.

Talk about a car with lots of potential that just never went anywhere. I mean, it's bad enough that John Delorean wound up getting busted for coke and tanking the company, but the Delorean itself was "powered" by a ridiculously anemic 2.8L V6. While the car looks like it ought to have at least a 32 valve V8 under the hood, it was powered by the same sized engine that GM put in the Chevy Cavalier.

Of course, you can't mention the Delorean without talking about Back to the Future, so here it is. They had to dub in the sound of a V8 in the movie, because the lifeless six just wouldn't cut it. The real joke, of course, was that you'd have a hard time getting the Delorean up to 88 miles an hour without towing it behind a fast tow truck.

In any case, it's a definite '80s landmark of the automotive variety.

That is all.


Anonymous said...

The same time period gave us the Pantera and Briklin


Lissa said...

A kid at Ye Olde Liberal Arts College had a Delorean. He always had to leave it in the hinterland parking lot because it took up three spaces (if you want to be able to open both doors).

Dave H said...

A while back I was passed on the freeway by a pair of Deloreans. They were on the back of a flatbed truck.

Robb Allen said...

I saw a guy who polished his Delorean to a mirror shine. It was muy impressive.

I had an opportunity to purchase one back in the 90's. Guy was selling his where I worked, but I recall seeing it a lot - after work - because he couldn't get it started. I also remember them being generally referred to as a pretty POS.

Still, it would be fun to buy one, gut it, and turn it into the beast it was supposed to be. However,I have a hard enough time with scissors, and often get the ends of the socket wrench confused so it's not a project for me.

Still, you'd HAVE to build the flux capacitor.

Wandering neurons said...

My boss at work/best friend had a Delorean for several years. Garage Queen, he hardly ever took it out.
It has a Peugot/Renault/Volvo cast-iron V-6 engine. Had a spin-cycle faster than this current administration. You could swap front for back in turns even easier than a Porsche 912.

Old NFO said...

But it was good at following white lines... :-P

libertyman said...

An awful car penned by an awful human being. The concept that is, I think Giugiaro did the body design. A gutless poseur of an automobile.

Stretch said...

What most people forget is DeLorean was NOT convicted. When the FBI agent said on the stand "I destroyed my original notes." there was no doubt DeLorean would walk.
There was a Delorean auto on display in the Cars Of The Stars museum in Nashville, TN. The placard described it as being built in Northern Ireland were there was a civil war between "Roman Catholics and Christians."

Jim said...

The DeLorean Motor Company is alive, and doing very well, right here in Houston damn Texas, ayup!

Gent bought all the assets and tooling and rights, a few years back. He can legally restore yours to a zero-mile, new-title call, or supply any parts needed.

And, he's building a few brand new ones per year. And, you can get engine upgrades, of course.

They're still good looking cars, no matter what.

Sunk New Dawn
Galveston, TX