Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday Car Pr0n #28

Although the 1959 is my favorite, other Cadillacs from the 1950s are also worth drooling over.

That's a '53 Series 62 El Dorado. Pretty flippin' sweet looking car. Of course, it was designed by Harley Earl, who is in my mind the greatest automobile designer who ever lived. Oh, sure, Ferdinand Porsche's creations won races, and Enzo Ferarri's cars have been lusted after the world over, but for pure class and style, you can't beat a Harley Earl design.

Personally, I blame the Ford Taurus. Once they started down that "melted gumdrop" shape, car design has been an exercise in bland. Oh, sure, cars are *WAY* more reliable now than they've ever been, with cars that don't even need a tuneup until the first 100K being commonplace. But the style is just so lacking. They're not bad cars, not ugly like the abominations from the 1970s or anything, just uninspiring.

We need someone like Harley Earl again.

That is all.


PhilaBOR said...

Aerodynamics for fuel efficiency drives some of styling. With the Obama mileage mandates, it's hard to imagine it will get better rather than worse.

Roy said...

That squashed egg look that most sedans and coupes have today, comes from the wind tunnel. It's a product of gas-mileage uber alles.

Will said...

Actually, the way the front end looks is due to EU pedestrian safety regs, that have been more or less copied by the US makers. With all the "world models" thinking by our multinational auto makers, what you see mandated by the Europeans is pretty much all you will get here, plus our own add-ons by the feds.
Realize, the feds have been telling the automakers how to do their job since about 1970.