Friday, April 25, 2014

There It Goes Again...

Ah, "climate change." It's a floor wax! It's a dessert topping!

Climate change likely to make Everest even riskier
Climbing to the roof of the world is becoming less predictable and possibly more dangerous, scientists say, as climate change brings warmer temperatures that may eat through the ice and snow on Mount Everest.

Nepal was left reeling when a sudden ice avalanche slammed down onto a group of Sherpa guides on Friday and killed 16 in the deadliest single disaster on Everest. While it is impossible to link any single event to long-term changes in the global climate, scientists say the future will likely hold more such dangers in high-altitude regions.
But that certainly didn't stop you from trying, did it? Now, let me take a stab at things here. Nepal, last I checked, is north of the equator. That means that right now it's *SPRINGTIME* in Nepal. You know, springtime? When snow and ice starts to melt as part of the normal weather cycle?

I love how the climate change cultists are the first to bleat repeatedly about how one very cold winter doesn't mean that global warming isn't happening, yet one avalanche on Everest in the springtime means ZOMG ALL THE ICE WILL MELT FOREVER. Because, you know, snow and ice NEVER melts when that side of the planet gets closer to the sun and average temperature increases...


That is all.

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ASM826 said...

"when that side of the planet gets closer to the sun and average temperature increases", isn't what happening. The tilt of the earth relative to the sun and it's orbit has two meaningful effects. First, it changes the angle at which the sun's energy strikes. Second, it changes the length of the day.

The tiny amount of distance difference between how far the Equator is from the sun and how far the North Pole is from the sun is an example of how that is not the significant factor.

Other than that, glowball warming, we should definitely stop climbing mountains!

Ted said...

Spingtime in Nepal opens a short window where acending Everest moves from completely impossible to whatever one step down from that is.

Just because modern gear has made it possible that any Yuppie with enough $$$ to afford a small army of Sherpas and porters can make an attempt does not mean it is any less dangerous than it was in the 60's.

Trekking is big business in Napal and Buthan. Easier to do than it used to be but still just as dangerous

Just because you can -- doesn't mean you should