Monday, April 28, 2014

The Only Ones Professional Enough to Throw Our Careers Away...

Wow. Just wow. Joseph in IL sends this head-scratcher in...

Detective shoots partner, drives ‘drunk’ to hospital
A Brooklyn detective got blitzed on his way to a robbery investigation Thursday and drunkenly shot his partner in the hand while showing him his old-school six-shooter, police sources said.

With blood all over the front seat, Detective Jay Poggi, a 31-year veteran, drove Matt Sullivan to the hospital despite a blood-alcohol level that allegedly was above the legal limit, the sources said.
Now, I hate to draw a lot of conclusions based on a story in the NY Post. I'm CERTAINLY hoping there's more to this story than what's written here, because otherwise you have a couple of foolish police officers drinking on the job and playing with guns.

A BAC of 0.113 isn't really that high - could have been a large mixed drink, or perhaps a few beers consumed in rapid succession. Driving at that point is bad, don't get me wrong, but there have been many cases in great excess of the number of lawsuits.

But what in the blue blazes possessing Barney Fife to screw around with a loaded gun? 

That is all.


Anonymous said...

The plot thickens.

He was on duty and drunk.

Joseph in IL

Anonymous said...

I understand this post was from almost a year ago, so its doubtful you'll read this comment. I've recently re-discovered your blog and I've been going back through old posts. (Love the blog, btw)

Just FYI: an average adult man's BAC goes up by 0.02 for every drink consumed (1 drink being 12oz of 5%abv beer, or 1oz of 80 proof liquor, or 5oz of wine). Said man's liver also processes about 0.02/hour. So, drink one beer and wait one hour, and you're back to 0.00. The rummy cop in this instance was close to 0.12. That means about 6 drinks in an hour. I don't know how you pour your mixed drinks, or how many beers you consider a "few", but a six pack in 60 minutes is a bit much.