Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Such A Shame We Didn't Sign Kyoto...

I mean, this has to be our fault, right?

Asian air pollution strengthens Pacific storms
Air pollution in China and other Asian countries is having far-reaching impacts on weather patterns across the Northern Hemisphere, a study suggests.

Researchers have found that pollutants are strengthening storms above the Pacific Ocean, which feeds into weather systems in other parts of the world.
Boy, imagine how bad the pollution would be if China hadn't started following the Kyoto Protocol, right? I mean, wait.
Some countries, including China and India, were exempted from targets because they were not main contributors during the period of industrialisation that is believed to be the cause of climate change.
Boy, that was a great idea, wasn't it? Here we have this thing - manmade global warming - but we're going to handicap only the countries that USED to be bad polluters, because evil dead white guys. The worst polluters? You guys are good. Keep spewing toxins into the atmosphere, because you're cute little indigenous people. We're only going after those evil white guys.

Climate change/global warming/ozone hole/acid rain/whatever the hell they're calling it this week is nothing more than an excuse to take another whack at the US and other industrialized nations. It's more feel-good BS sold as some sort of snake oil panacea, a quick-fix for a problem that we're not even sure we can fix. It's a 15-second sound bite for a problem more complex than the vast majority of people can comprehend, with entire factions of the scientific community disagreeing on even what the basic parameters of the problem might be.


That is all.

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ProudHillbilly said...

Cap and trade will work equally well.

Ed said...

Lower cost of production because of a deficiency of pollution mitigation measures in those countries? Smokestack scrubbers and waste water treatment facilities are expensive, but there is a large pool of cheap labor to replace those who sicken and die.

Anonymous said...

I feel your frustration - and it's true that the watermellons (green on the outside, red on the inside) are trying to hijack climate change to implement their socialist nirvana; but not having the science nailed down is no excuse for inaction since there is enough data to at least be concerned. Ask any military man who has seen action if they knew 100% of everything about the enemy before the confrontation - sometimes you've got to go with what ya got.

No more exemptions - if you are still a 3rd world nation at this point, then no X-Box for you. There are more serious issues at hand.

Steven in Dallas

DOuglas1 said...

At one of those post-Kyoto climate summits in Nov 2000 it was proposed that countries could get "credit" for assisting the exempt developing economies to decarbonise. The greenies wouldn't go for it. The UK deputy prime minister was pretty livid in his contempts and condemnation of the French in particular for rejecting a CO2 reduction strategy that would have been both cost-effective and effective.
Watching these reports in 2000 put me on the path of thinking that there were really ulterior motives behind the whole thing - and lead me to notice that the "x" in "reduce emissions to below a country's level in year x" was conveniently chosen to be AFTER all of the benefits of the Nixon clean air act were realized, but BEFORE the UK dash-for-gas and the demise of Soviet heavy industry. The EU had pretty seriously sandbagged the USA in this -- and yet our carbon emissions are now lower than they were when Kyoto was signed, and the EU's are higher....