Wednesday, April 2, 2014

[Stupid] Actions Have [Very Expensive] Consequences.

I'd really hate to be this guy's insurance agent, because his rates are about to go through the bloody roof...

Lamborghini Aventador worth £250,000 towed away after three-car smash in Kensington
A £250,000 supercar turned heads for the wrong reasons after it was involved in a three-car smash in Kensington.

The matt-black [sic] Lamborghini Aventador was left with damage to its front and had to be towed from the scene of the crash in Sloane Street.

Witnesses told how the rare supercar was in collision with a hatchback, causing the Lamborghini to veer off into a parked car.
Both sides of the front end are pretty badly damaged. There's probably $50K worth of damage done, easy. He'd have been better off totaling a Corvette.The article can't help but delve into a bit of class warfare, touching on the idea that it's hard to feel sorry for someone that wrecked a car that costs more than most people's homes.

What bothers me most, and this is applicable over a broad range of subjects, is that this douchecanoe went out, dropped nearly a half-million dollars on an Italian supercar, and yet couldn't spare a couple thousand to get some training on how to handle it. Yes, a weekend with Skip Barber is costly - but I guarantee it's less costly than what this guy did without training. Why on earth would you strap yourself into the driver's seat of a car that powerful without a few lessons on how to handle it?

He's damn lucky he didn't kill anyone, that's for certain. That's a car capable of 200 MPH, and had he wound it up and plowed into a crowd of people on a sidewalk he could really have hurt or even killed folks. Obviously he couldn't handle it, as he crashed into one car, then veered off into a second. Good thing he didn't take a corner too fast and wipe out a family.

Watch for the lawsuits against Lamborghini in 3... 2... 1...

That is all.


Flubnut said...

I'm going out on a limb here: he crashed it because he was going way too fast and tried to split the gap in front of a turning car. That's less "can he handle such a powerful car" and more "he has the decision-making abilities of a 9-year old playing Grand Theft Auto."

instinct said...

My guess - The driver is an idiot with too much cash and not enough brains.

Ted said...

In that it happened in the toniest section of London you can assume the driver was either a Middle East prince or the son of a Russian oligarch or a "footballer". In any case, the only problem he now has is that he is down to a choice between one of the Ferraris or the Bentley as his weekend car while the Lambo is being fixed......again. .... And his solicitor deals with the small stuff like insurance claims and lawsuits.

jetfxr69 said...

I am interested in the assumption that the driver of the Lambo was at fault, and that 'he' was male. None of that information is in the linked article, though we do know that it was an accident with a hatchback, which caused him to veer into a parked car, and no-one was hurt. We've all seen that accident: Someone pulls out into traffic, misadvisedly, and causes responsible driver to hit immobile object. The car is low, and it's matte-black, easy to miss in a visual scan if you're driving in city traffic.

Jay, your assumption that the driver is an irresponsible boob, "He's damn lucky he didn't kill anyone, that's for certain. That's a car capable of 200 MPH, and had he wound it up and plowed into a crowd of people on a sidewalk he could really have hurt or even killed folks. Obviously he couldn't handle it, as he crashed into one car, then veered off into a second" is blood-in-the-streets-because-everyone-is-carrying-high-power-weapons grade assumption.

Armed Texan said...

I have to agree with jetfxr69. From the article alone, I cannot tell if the Lambo driver caused the accident, his car failed, or other circumstances caused the accident such as the hatchback suddenly pulling out in front of him. The closest it comes to mentioning culpability is the driver apologizing to the owner of the parked car. I would apologize too even if the accident was not my fault because my car damaged an innocent third party.

Anonymous said...

There's video. The hatchback driver pulled out from a side street causing the accident.

Ted said...

It's a matte black coup. That's a mans car. The trophy wives and starlets that drive Lambos all have open roadsters. ( and not aventadors ).

So 99 percent probability Male driver.

Knucklehead said...

The driver was clearly male. The passenger was female. Of not is that the steering wheel is on the left side - I suppose "supercars" don't put the steering on the right for the British market.

Looks to me like the hatchback was at fault but the Lambo driver was going much too fast for that environment.

I find it interesting how much the Lambo got airborne. If the parked car hadn't been there to sort of even out the roll of the Lambo following impact with the hatchback, that sucker might have gone over. Extremely light car, I suppose.

Knucklehead said...

Upon further review I'm going with Jay's "douchecanoe" on this. From some legal perspective the crash may be the fault of the driver who pulled out making the right turn into the path of the Lambo.

But I just ran an errand that got me to thinking about this based on some recent urban driving. At intersections in major cities it is often, if not always, difficult to see approaching traffic that you need to cross or turn in to. You've got parked cars and a stop back before the sidewalk and pedestrians...

So you nose out and nose out until you think you're clear enough to make whatever move you need to make. And you hope that nobody is flying up on you too fast - that there are no cabbies in a hurry that will ruin your day.

In this case I doubt it was possible for the turning driver to see that low Lambo. And the Lambo was flying. After impact it took nearly a solid 75 meters to stop that thing and those cars have hi-perf brakes to match the rest of their kit.

The turning driver seems to have spotted the approaching danger at the last moment and stopped, but too late to leave enough room for the Lambo to pass.

Looks to me like a douchecanoe driving like a douchecanoe.

Sendarius said...

Of more interest to me is the assumption that the driver's insurance rates will go up.

As I am sure everybody knows, the whole idea of insurance is that the yearly premiums collected from a lot of people, comes to more than the cost of repairing/replacing the cars damaged/stolen in that year. It's ALL statistics - and the insurance companies ALWAYS win.

I have just renewed my insurance, and unlike many I actually READ the policy document.

I can lodge multiple claims in a year for incidents not my fault, and there will be NO effect on my premiums.

I can make one at fault claim every year with NO effect on my premiums.

I get a "no claims" discount of 60% on my premium, and for a $10 fee per year, I continue to receive the discount even if I lodge a claim.

The American insurance market is - apparently - different.

Scott_S said...

In the video it looks like the other car pulls into his lane - he makes light contact with it and then the BMW.

He was speeding but he had a pretty girl in the passenger seat - what guy hasn't shown off for a woman?