Monday, April 14, 2014

GreenWorks Electric Pushmower Review

So, a while back I mentioned getting an electric (battery powered) pushmower. Finally had a chance to run it this weekend, and I have to admit to being pleasantly surprised. Now, granted, the grass was not horrifically tall, so I can't speak to how it handles overgrow, but there were a couple patches that were pretty thick that caused a bit of slowdown but no stopping. Pretty much like a small gas mower would handle it.

Not having to drag a cord around is huge. The battery is sufficiently sized that it only dropped one bar (out of five) for the whole lawn; now, granted, we have a small yard, but it was good to know that it's more than enough to get the job done. The bagger portion worked efficiently and didn't need to be emptied as often as I thought - pretty much once for the front and sides, twice for the back.

It's a little unwieldy, that's about the only negative I can give it. The heavy battery, which my untrained assessment would guess weighs more than a conventional pushmower gas tank, sits squarely on top of the blade, so all the weight is right out where you need to be moving (whereas with a gas mower the tank is typically towards the back of the engine, placing the weight distribution more over the pivot point of the handle).

All in all, though, it did a very passable job of cutting the grass, and I'm pleased with the performance. 

Also had a chance to use the battery powered weedwhacker as well. That worked alright; however I'll admit to going low-end on that one because, well, TheBoy is going to be banging it around a lot, so I looked at it as pretty much a starter weedeater... I like the concept, though, and I think a battery-powered leaf blower will be joining it. For small yards, without a lot of edging or tight spots, the small weedwhacker worked fine.

So far, I'm glad to be using coal power to cut my lawn!

That is all.


Jeff the Baptist said...

The problem with a gas mower is that unlike the electric battery, the tank is not a constant weight as it drains. So you need to put it somewhere that doesn't matter.

Dave H said...

I read that title as "GreenWorks Electric Pushover Review." I expected it to be about another government-funded clean energy project that failed.

Sorry Jay, but your reputation precedes you.

Stretch said...

Since the North and South Anna Nuclear Power Plants also feed the VA grid you can tell people you have an ATOMIC lawn mower.

Old NFO said...

It'll work good till the battery takes a 'set'...

Will said...

Y'all realize gasoline weighs about 6.5 lbs/GALLON? Most mowers run a 1 QT tank.

Jay, can the battery/mount be moved closer to the rear end? Does it unplug, or is it built-in? Weight?