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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Good Luck With That...

Chabot: After two years, no answers from Elizabeth Warren on roots
It’s been two years since I broke the story that Harvard University identified Sen. Elizabeth Warren as a minority — citing her alleged Native American roots — but we’re still in the dark.

We’ve had two years of Warren’s simplistic answers that aren’t really answers. Two years of Warren insisting she’s proud of her heritage while dismissing questions about it. And two years of her refusal to open up records that could prove whether she used that heritage claim in Ivy League applications.
Good luck waiting for those answers. You'll still be waiting long after the sun burns out and the earth is reduced to a lifeless ball of ice. You see, Warren is a Democrat. Not only is she a Democrat, but she's also a media darling. Why this is I have no idea whatsoever; the woman doesn't have the credentials to be a state rep, let alone a US Senator, but that hardly seems to matter. Heck, Hillary! had no qualifications to run for US Senator other than enduring Bill...

Fauxcahontas comes up from time to time, mainly as a distraction from other, more substantive questions the media should be asking, but naturally isn't...

Why does Warren refer to herself as a woman of the people when, as a practicing attorney, she routinely argued for large businesses?

How can Warren honestly talk about the high price of college tuition when she takes nearly half a million dollars a year salary from Harvard?

How does Warren reconcile her talk against the "wealthiest one percent" when she most assuredly is in that same group?

See, these are the kinds of questions that should be asked. These are the kinds of things that might make a difference, rather than just make people laugh or shake their heads. In the grand scheme of things, whether Warren claimed to be of Native American heritage isn't really a big deal. If she did, and the institution or institutions to which she misrepresented herself failed to follow up on that, shame on them.

So the same thing comes out over and over, with no real resolution - you might as well ask when Obama will release his college transcripts...

That is all.


Chris said...

Warren has at least questioned why big bank executives have not been prosecuted.
(one of many)

Of course, her proposed solutions leave something to be desired, and may not be anything more than pandering to those of us asking the same questions.

Roger said...

As far as lizzie warren is concerned, we must always remember that; "Things are DIFFERENT when you are a dimocrat."
You can lie, cheat, philander, display gross incompetence and moral turpitude, yet are hailed as a savior of our country, when you are dimocrat.

Old NFO said...

It's amazing to me that the media REFUSES to even look into her background... sigh

Jay G said...

They'll investigate her as closely as they investigated Obama.

Sleep well tonight.