Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday Car Pr0n #24

Hmmm. Went through a bit of a conundrum wondering what today's car should be. Been on a bit of a truck kick lately, so I figured it ought to be a car. Why not a little car?

Yep, a Morris Mini (technically a Morris Mini-Minor). 850cc's of British racing, well, can't really call it "fury," can you?

I haven't the faintest idea why these cars appeal to me. They're tiny, underpowered (seriously, two out of three of the motorcycles I've owned had larger engines), and nothing like the other cars that make my list. They were introduced in 1959, the same year as my all-time favorite vehicle (1959 Cadillac El Dorado, which could carry at least three Minis inside its trunk alone).

But there's just something about the Mini. Maybe because it *is* so foreign, so ... unAmerican. Maybe because it was in Nevil Chute's "On the Beach" and brings back Cold War nostalgia. Maybe it's because the Cooper S was a pretty righteous Rally car?

Who knows why, but it sure is a cute lil thing, isn't it?

That is all.


Ancient Woodsman said...

I want one simply because Basil Fawlty had one. Nothing says "cool" than a tiny tiny car that could accommodate Mr. Cleese.

Larry said...

The modern Minis are actually bigger than the originals. I couldn't believe how tiny they are, like go-carts with bodies.

Sabre22 said...

Makes My 1970's Simca look like a Ferrari 100 KPH (62MPh) down hill with a tail wind

emdfl said...

Two words - Cooper S. An over-sized go-kart with a body and 10" wide tires that could make 90degree turns at 60mph, heh, heh, heh.

emdfl said...

Sabre - was that a Simca Aronde by any chance?

Will said...

Many years ago, had a friend who borrowed my bike trailer (8" wheels) to move a couple of his Mini Coopers. I took off the front wheel mount from the plywood bed, and away he went.

Saw it with one of them on it. I was told they picked up one end, slid the trailer under it, and lowered it when centered. Then it was strapped down with the bike straps. Car was bigger than the trailer, and all 4 wheels hung off the sides.

It was not obvious there was a trailer under the car, it more looked like the car WAS the trailer.

I think the engine was out of them at the time, which probably explains the need for a trailer.

Anonymous said...

Two more words for you. Hayabusa Mini. Take a turbo-charged super bike engine and put it in the back seat driving the rear wheels. You can buy the kits from