Monday, March 31, 2014

You Know What We Haven't Had In A While?

#1 Blogdaughter sends in another green energy success story.

Veterans Affairs wind turbine, built for $2.3 million, stands dormant
ST. CLOUD, Minn. – A $2.3 million federal stimulus project at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in St. Cloud is giving green energy initiatives a bad name.

A 600-kilowatt wind turbine -- some 245 foot tall -- stands on the wintry VA grounds, frozen in time and temperature, essentially inoperable for the past 1 1/2 years. No one is working to fix it, though many attempts were made to repair the turbine, once billed as a model green energy project.
No, I think green energy initiatives are doing a fine job all on their own of giving themselves a bad name. This is just the latest in a long string of "green" energy success stories we've seen in the past five years, as the Obama administration flung billions of dollars at any energy source with "green" in their name.

As long as there was green sent to the administration's political party fundraisers, of course.

They dumped a couple million dollars into this wind turbine, all for it to sit unused. Think of how much they could have done with that money rather than piss it away on magic beans green energy. Other than the snake oil salesmen who pushed the turbine project, it's hard to see who benefited from this. Not the VA - they get to have a shining example of their failure out on their front lawn. Certainly not taxpayers, as we get to see millions of our dollars squandered.

And, lastly, *real* alternative energy sources - because every one of these "success" stories makes it more likely that legitimate businesses will be overlooked as mere charlatans...

That is all.

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Ted said...

Don't forget the electrical workers Union, the Crain operators guild, the riggers unions, and the truckers. They all had a payday.

..... Plus I'm sure there are some Utility big-wigs who are glad there is one less "green Energy" project mucking up the grid and costing them effiency .