Friday, March 28, 2014

When Good Things Happen To Good People.

Linoge has the skinny.

Here's the TL/DR version: Dennis is making holsters for the NCIS franchise, that much is not a secret. However, he's scored another big hit with this:

(Screencap courtesy of Linoge)

That's the brand-spankin' new Valkyrie holster, which is a first for Dennis - it's a paddle holster, which is exciting news for fans of the breed. Your humble host also happens to have received one of these lovely holsters, to be revealed later at the payin' gig (which I will link here as soon as it's up, no worries).

It's great to see Dennis' awesome holsters finally getting the air time they deserve!

That is all.


Linoge said...

Hey, I'm not THAT verbose ;).

Anonymous said...

HEY, I watched that show and saw that holster; first thought was, "thats got to be custom!" Ha, so I was right!!!!