Thursday, March 20, 2014

Well, Now, Isn't This Something...

Author of ‘EPA Playbook’? Report claims notorious fraudster was behind costly EPA regulations
John Beale, the former EPA official who fooled his bosses into believing he worked for the CIA, was deeply involved in crafting costly environmental standards which still are having an impact today -- though he came into the job with little, if any, environmental experience.

The details were included in a 67-page report from Republicans on the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, which claims the fraudster's role should now throw those rules into question.

The report is the product of months of research into the case of Beale, a top official in the Office of Air and Radiation, who was sentenced to prison in December for defrauding the agency with his CIA lie. It details Beale's role in crafting an aggressive regulatory approach which the report dubs the "EPA Playbook."
Wow. Just wow. This is the guy who claimed he was working for the CIA to get out of working at the EPA. Now it turns out that he was grossly unqualified to work at the EPA - yet it didn't stop him from weighing in on environmental policies that affect the entire country. The very same system that hid his gross incompetence and couldn't even be bothered to check up on his CIA story is telling us that the policies he pushed were based on solid science.

Pull the other one. It has bells on it.

Now, for full disclosure, he started at the EPA in 1989 (BUSH'S FAULT). This guy worked through four different presidential administrations before he got caught. No environmental experience. Came on board at the highest pay level - even with zero experience. And even that wasn't enough for him, he had to claim some phoney baloney gig at the CIA to get an extra day off every week.

And we're supposed to believe that the projects that he worked on were fully researched?

The sad part is that we're better off just plodding forward. Otherwise we're going to have to recreate every single thing he was involved in for the past 25 years. Ordinarily that would be the prudent and careful thing to do - except the agency that would be doing it has a proven track record of hiring grossly incompetent people with no experience in environmental science, letting them work unsupervised, and not checking up on them at all, despite outlandish claims.

Yeah. I'm sure they would follow full scientific protocols while recreating 25 years of research. And blue baboons will fly out of my hairy Italian ass. The costs alone would be staggering, and there's no guarantee they wouldn't just hire another group of unqualified nepotites who would immediately claim to be working for the TSA.

Can anyone explain why the EPA has even the slightest shred of credibility? George W. Bush was excoriated for cutting funding to the EPA - and as it turns out, he was right. It's not like they were doing anything productive with our tax dollars; in fact, I'd wager more often than not it was mostly phoned in, with questionable results garnered from minimal effort. He should have shuttered the place and saved us billions.

Instead, we get environmental regulations proposed and promulgated by charlatans and frauds - yeah, that'll help the environment...

That is all.

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Ted said...

The Enviromental Impact Statements required for every Engineering project adds at least 25 percent to cost and time line with very little real return for the effort. Every civil/structural firm has a whole department to produce the reports --- money that mostly just keeps printers in business along with the suppliers of hay bales, plastic sheeting and wood stakes.