Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Unions Fight For Workers' Rights!

Like the right to dress like a slob at work. Yeah, tell me again how unions fight for the little guy...

West Virginia teachers union battles proposed ban on flip-flops, jeans and facial piercings
Teachers in West Virginia's largest school district don't want to be told they can't show up for work in jeans and flip-flops.

In fact, they don't want to be told how to dress, period.

The Kanawha County school district's board of ed last week introduced a proposed dress code, which also bars facial piercings, and immediately got a dressing down from the teachers union. It's not that the local teachers want to wear their weekend attire, they insist, it's that codifying it so strictly is insulting.
Where to begin... First off, if specific items of clothing - like flip-flops - are written into the dress code, I can pretty much guarantee that it's because they received complaints about it. They tend to work in terms of generalities like "professional manner" if the people subject to the code, you know, dress professionally... Something tells me they had parents complaining about teachers in flip-flops and ripped jeans.

This is the second time the dress code has been brought up. The first time, about a dozen years ago, it was defeated by a union push. It's a good thing those poor downtrodden teachers have a union to fight for them. Why, without the union, they'd never be able to wear flip-flops to work! PRIORITIES, PEOPLE! And some people question the utility of unions in this day and age! Pshaw! They're fighting for the right of college-educated people in professional jobs to wear children's footwear to work.

You know, the kind of things unions were originally assembled to do...

That is all.

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Anonymous said...

Be professional people!
If you can't act that way, at least dress that way and maybe you can fool some of them.


Matt W said...

Have to find SOMETHING to try and get your members riled up about - so you can be seen as doing something about. Otherwise your members might start questioning why their paying those union dues.

Geodkyt said...

Flip flops?!? My parents wouldn;t let me wear those outside the HOUSE, in the summer, unless I was in a swimming suit!

I could see teachers of today's fresh-out-of-college generation getting hot and bothered they cannot have facial piercings, and maybe not understanding why jeans are not appropriate for normal day wear as a school teacher, but flip flops?!?

Sigivald said...

Nothing particularly unprofessional about a nose-ring these days; it's 2014, not 1976.

(Remember, there was a time when clip-on earrings were A Thing because only low-class people had pierced ears.

Now it's absolutely normal and "classy".)

Flip flops, though, that's a bit puzzling.

But then again, teachers often don't see themselves so much as aloof "professionals" as people who need to "connect with the kids".

That might be a problem in itself, perhaps.

Old NFO said...

And when will they drop the dress code for the students??? /crickets