Tuesday, March 25, 2014

So, Now It's NOT Racist?

I'm confused.

Group rips off Gadsden flag in pro-ObamaCare bumper sticker
A President Obama-aligned group trying to drum up enrollment for ObamaCare is giving away bumper stickers that spoof the Gadsden flag -- a symbol informally adopted by the Tea Party movement and, for that reason, long derided by Democrats.

The stickers are a marketing ploy by Organizing for Action, an advocacy group which helped Obama win reelection in 2012. The stickers feature a doctor's stethoscope, instead of the coiled rattlesnake on the original golden-colored flag.
So, for the past five years the Gadsden flag - unofficially adopted by the Tea Party - has been this HORRIBLE ZOMG RACIST symbol that those awful Teabaggers were rallying around. It's so horrible that it's now being used...

...to hawk Obamacare.

Yeah. They really did.

The Gadsden flag, the Revolutionary War symbol of American rebellion and individualism, has been captured, hacked, and misappropriated as some twisted symbol of ObamaCare, the government mandated forced on the American people at gunpoint that has cost jobs, doctors, and access to top tier health care itself.

One bad thing about Virginia - I can *hear* many of the Founding Fathers turning in their graves... It's a loud hum.

That is all.

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Anonymous said...

I can also hear the rattle of tea party spray cans. This will not end well for those dumb enough to sport one of those on their Prius.

Anonymous said...

Or is that Priae? Prius' maybe? D'jever notice how Prius sounds similar to the male anatomical gift?

Anonymous said...

I can hear Beavis and Butthead now talking about getting a tattoo of a Prius on their......I gotta get some sleep.

Clinton said...

Come on down to manassas jay. If we could harness it, we'd have infinite energy from the spin.

RabidAlien said...

Heh. I wonder if its sheer stupidity, or a brilliant statement made by some kid with Adobe Illustrator who whipped this up for them, that the stethoscope is upside-down? In flags, that's traditionally the sign of distress. It could also mean that those in charge of Obummer(doesn't)care don't know their heads from their arses...or that they've got their heads so far up their arses they've got to put the earpieces on their hips. Oh, man, the jokes are endless here!!!!

Cargosquid said...

Actually...its a great flag...just change the wording to

"Don't tread on MY healthcare!"

The Tea Party should co-opt it.