Monday, March 31, 2014

So, Let Me Get This Straight...

Over in California, we have a State Senator who has been running around like he's an '80s action movie villain, pontificating against firearms, pushing bans on cosmetic features and magazines of certain sizes, all the while working behind the scenes to illegally import machine guns and rocket launchers with which to arm Chinese gangs in California. I mean, this dude is straight out of central casting, complete with a middle man with a funny nickname. All that's left is a sidekick with a funny hat and this guy's a Bond villain.

And yet, what's the media obsessing about? Oh, yeah, the governor of New Jersey may or may not have known about possible bridge lane closures in areas that didn't support him during the last election. There's a possibility that he might have known his lackeys were advocating that lanes be closed on a bridge with heavy volume as some kind of payback.

You know, what everyone else calls politics, right?

They are no longer even pretending to hide the bias any more. They're holding up Fox News as some sort of equalizer, as though one single cable channel compares to the three major networks plus another, larger cable channel. Oh, and every major newspaper in existence. And the "infotainment" channels. And all of Hollywood (at least the major players).

CNN claimed they never cover local politics. Funny, though, that and both ran down a list of *other* state officials - some even, yes, you guessed it, state senators - that CNN has covered. Including one Wendy Davis, who is attempting to turn a lifetime of using people to get what she wants into the governor of Texas. But that's okay - she has a "D" after her name, right CNN?

At this point, I just wish they'd admit it. They're reminiscent of the old man at the beginning of Monty Python's "Holy Grail" - you're not foolin' anyone. Come right out and admit you're actually the propaganda arm for the Democratic Party and get it over with. When you're running recycled stories about a New Jersey politician possibly - GASP - playing politics rather than cover a CA politician acting like a Bond villain, you're actively working for one side.

Oh, and while I'm dreaming, I'd like to see the GOP put up a decent candidate in 2016 - but I'm not holding my breath for either...

That is all.

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ProudHillbilly said...

I just wish America would toss them on the dead cart because they are definitely covered in sh...

Armed Texan said...

I disagree that what Christie may or may not have been involved with is just politics. We have to hold at least one party to account for using the power of the government to punish us for not conforming to their whims and the Dems are too far gone to even attempt reforming them.

Having said that, I do believe the gun smuggling that arms criminals AND funded terrorists is much more egregious than scheduling road work to increase rush hour traffic. But you know Yee is a Dem and Christie is a (nominal) Rep, so priorities are different.

Grayson said...

If Yee is an '80s action movie villain, when is Chuck Norris going to show up to collect the bounty?

(He said, while spewing half a pint of Guinness out of his nose!)