Monday, March 17, 2014

Schadenfreude, Noun.

noun, often capitalized \ˈshä-dən-ˌfrȯi-də\

: a feeling of enjoyment that comes from seeing or hearing about the troubles of other people

Just saw this over the wire.

Fred Phelps, founder of 'rabid' Westboro Baptist Church, said near death
Fred Phelps Sr., the founder of the Kansas church held in disgust worldwide for its antigay protests of prominent funerals, is in hospice care and "on the edge of death," according to one of his estranged sons.

Nate Phelps posted the information on Facebook Saturday night, adding the revelation that his father had been excommunicated from the church in 2013. A church spokesman told the Topeka Capitol-Journal that Phelps was indeed in the hospice but that Nate Phelps "is not well informed." The spokesman also refused to comment on the allegation that the elder Mr. Phelps has been excommunicated.
It is often said that if you can't say something nice about someone, don't say anything at all.










Nope. Still got nothing. Enjoy the news, though.

That is all.


juvat said...

Well, Guess he'll find out soon enough whether "God hates fags." or "Love your neighbor" was top on the list of things to do with your life. Eternity seems to me to be a long time to be wrong.

ProudHillbilly said...

I often wonder, though, what the thought process is behind his evil (realizing that "crazy" might be the simple answer.) I have trouble believing that it's as simple as "I hate gays so I'll attack soldiers who have died in military service and their grieving families." Or maybe I shouldn't try to make sense out of the senseless.

Joe Huffman said...

Barb and I both spent decades dealing with crazy people. We still sometimes have to stop the other person from trying to "make sense" of the strange behaviors we dealt with. You can't make sense of crazy. You can only avoid it, ignore it, or defeat it.

Anonymous said...

Rabid Fred has been picketing funerals for a very long time. He started with picketing funerals of gay people. When that did not garner press or a physical response (so that he could then sue the distraught bereaved for assault to fund other trips of picketing) he then moved to military funerals because it provoked press coverage and the occasional physical confrontations.

I wonder if the gay rights groups and the Patriot Guards will picket his funeral. I would think it appropriate. Quoting Bible passages like Matthew 19:19.

Joseph in IL

Dave H said...

I don't expect the Patriot Guard Riders to picket anything. Their focus is on honoring our soldiers. Anything else is off-mission.

Jay G said...

Y'know, it would be very fitting if as many gay pride groups as possible *attended* the funeral, not picketed it...

Borepatch said...

De mortuis nihil nisi bonum.

Said differently, if we ask for justice for him we might expect mere justice for ourselves. Even a Saint would flinch at that.

Instead, I would offer Pastor Phelps what he chose not to offer to others.

Shane W said...

It's been a pretty crappy Monday and I'm not feeling very friendly so I'll just go ahead and say it...

Good! I hope it hurts! Douchebag.

DJ9 said...

What the EFF does a person have to do, to get excommunicated from THAT "church"?

Anonymous said...

Accept gays as people, DJ9.

Joseph from IL

Ed said...

The scene around that funeral should be interesting. Payback can be a b*tch.