Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Retention, Schmetention...

Yep. If you're going to open carry, you need a quality retention holster. That's what they tell me...

Arizona police officer loses handgun during chase
The Tucson Police Department says one of its guns is missing.

Police say an officer who helped locate a purse-snatching and shoplifting suspect following a foot chase on the city's west side Monday discovered that his service weapon had been dislodged from his holster.
The gun was equipped with a weapon light, which makes me wonder if the holster wasn't designed for that exact pistol/light combination or something of that nature. The retention holsters typically issued to police officers are generally excellent, given that they have to hold to, oh, exactly this sort of thing.

Unless, of course, the gun was really left in a bathroom stall and the "lost it while chasing a perp" was the cover... That doesn't seem likely in this case, but I wonder how many firearms were discovered missing "after a chase" were really left behind after a call of nature?

In any case, if you're going to be doing any sort of physical exercise or exertion, make sure your holster is up to the task!

That is all.

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Murphy's Law said...

It happens. It especially happens with Safariland retention holsters--the one that most police departments seem to buy--because the retention hood is known for dropping forward just due to basic sitting/standing/seat belt activity.
Cops who use the holster know to check it periodically, but every now and again, it'll happen at the wrong moment. Not blaming officers here. A holster that holds your gun 100% secure is one that won't release it when you need it right this second.

Cargosquid said...

I've never understood this idea that one has to take the gun out of the holster to use a bathroom.

I wore a gun for 5 years for an armored car service. Not once did I need to remove said pistol from the holster.

Just take the entire gun belt off and drop it on your pants. You'll NEVER forget it then.

Heh...we had one woman leave her pistol at a bathroom. The police tracked down the owner by serial number: the armored car company. It was returned to them.

The employee didn't even go back. She didn't notice that she didn't have the gun for the two hours that it took for all this tracing to happen. only took about two hours.

She was radio'd and asked if she was missing anything..... that too much common sense?

Stretch said...

When an FPO I bought my own holster after my revolver (ya, it was a while ago) fell out while running to an alarm (it was set off by a friggin' raccoon!).
Old GSA supplied equipment was not always the best.

Kermit said...

A major +1 to Murphy's Law. The Safariland holsters, the one every Serpa-hater seems to love, are one of the worst holsters out there. That rotating hood gets hit by the seatbelt, beer guts of fat cops while eating, elbows of fit cops while running, etc. The Serpa may require some basic but intense practice to prevent "Glock leg" with it, but the Safariland will throw your gun when you least expect it. Not only that, but with that wide-open space around the hood, branches and the like can get stuck in the holster, and -prevent- that gun from coming out at ALL. The spring in the hood's hinge will rust and collect dirt, but as the spring housing is riveted together, it's impossible to clean. The retention screw falls out on its own. The leather lining inside the kydex of the holster will trap water and dirt next to your gun, scratching and rusting it.

Every one of the above has happened to me or to a coworker. I had my gun go flying; I've picked up coworkers' guns in a chase. I've had my holster jam shut from twigs during a chase. The spring housing collected dirt and water, which I couldn't clean out. My elbow whacked it constantly, usually whacking the hood open. The leather lining ate my gun's finish.

If you're a cop, don't go with the Safariland. The Serpa is a MUCH better holster in comparison.

And yes, I know Alan hates the Serpa. That's ok. He likes Apple too.