Thursday, March 27, 2014

Dial 911 And... Wait.

Joseph in IL sends in this story, which should be brought out as Exhibit A any time someone states you don't need a gun because you could just dial 911.

Family calls 911 when intruder tries to enter home, waits hours before police show up
On March 16, Terri Bice of New Orleans and her family were woken up at 2 AM, when they heard their dog Molly barking and someone trying to break into theirhome through the front door. Bice immediately made a call to 911, but as WWL Eyewitness News reports, that didn’t wind up being too useful.

As it would turn out, Molly’s barking scared off the would-be burglar, who probably left to escape being seen. However, feeling reassured they would be ok quickly evapatored when calls to 911 were unanswered. Bice took note of her calls. She made two to 911 and didn’t get an answer. She then called New Orleans Police Department’s (NOPD) non-emergency line twice and, again, wound up getting no answer. It wasn’t until she made a call to NOPD’s Second District that she finally got an answer. That wasn’t the end of it, though. Bice and her family had to wait nearly two hours before an officer came to their home.
Four different calls. Two to 911, then two to non-emergency lines. She finally got through to police officials, and the wait was nearly two hours before an officer came out to investigate. Now, granted, we don't know if maybe they told the police that the goblin had left or something, but even at that, someone should have been out to check out and see if maybe the guy was still hanging around.

It's a damn good thing she wasn't huddled in a closet while some drug-addled lunatic rifled through her belongings, or worse. Two hours is a very long time to wait for someone to come help you when there's an unknown assailant breaking into your house. Yet there are still people out there who think that firearms should be outlawed, that there are no uses for the best tool possible for defense.

The next time you engage one of these numbskulls, remember this story.

That is all.

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