Monday, March 10, 2014

"Chivalry" Is Apparently Only A Word In The Dictionary...

#1 Blogdaughter sends this one in. I'm still shaking my head...

Annapolis police: Woman in labor robbed on way to hospital
ANNAPOLIS, Md. – Police say a woman reported to be in labor and her boyfriend were robbed in Annapolis as they headed to a hospital.

The couple was confronted by three men with guns as they left an apartment on Copeland Street early Sunday. When the woman's boyfriend fled, police spokeswoman Cpl. Amy Miguez says, the suspects tried to get the woman to let them into an apartment, but she didn't have a key.
On the one hand, it *is* Maryland which is "may issue" and very reluctant to give permits, so this guy was facing three armed men with nothing but harsh language. It's really hard to prevail in a gunfight when you're outnumbered 3:1 and they have guns and you don't. I certainly don't condone running away, mind you, especially on your about-to-give-birth-to-your-progeny significant other, but three armed men against one unarmed one?

Hell, you don't have to be in Vegas to know those odds.

Some people are hardwired to fight. Some are hardwired to flee. Most people don't ever get a chance to find out, to their benefit, but also to their detriment, too. One of the advantages of getting put in a situation like that - even if you do totally wuss out and run away like Sir Robin - is that you actually *know* how you'll react. It's easy to think you'll be the tough guy hero when some punk pulls a knife on you; it's a lot harder to *be* the tough guy hero when some punk pulls a knife on you. Knowing how you'll react - and planning accordingly - is vitally important.

You know what else I noticed? Now, granted, this may very well be nothing more than sloppy journalism, but two of the men responsible were caught and charged with robbery and assault. There's no mention of violating Maryland's gun laws. I'm guessing that these men didn't have gun permits, didn't buy the guns used legally, or, for that matter, were legally allowed to even own firearms. Like I said, it could very well be sloppy journalism - or it could be that several serious charges weren't even filed.

Obviously they didn't have any high capacity magazine bullet clips, right?

That is all.


Armed Texan said...

It looks like Baby-mama chose poorly. Not only is she knocked up by a guy who hasn't married her (though it is possible they have plans to be married), she now knows that he won't stick by her when needed most. Worse, she is stuck with a man she cannot respect and a lack of respect is the number one killer of male/female relationships.

Of course, as you say, I cannot know what it is like to be in his situation until it has happened to me, but I think about it often. It is my job as a husband and father, as a man, to make myself aware of threats to them and myself and prepare for it both physically and mentally. I try to avoid putting my family in situations where something like this might happen and I keep my head up and game out my reaction while passing various people on the street should they turn out to be thug-nasty. (It helps that I live in NH where I am legally able to carry just about anywhere.)

Phil L. said...

In Maryland, "very reluctant" doesn't begin to describe it. I know of many people who have applied for a carry permit; I know not a single one who has been successful.