Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Best News You'll Hear This Week...

Possibly even month.

Disney Confirms 'Incredibles' and 'Cars' Sequels
Pixar is working on a sequel to 2004's The Incredibles, the popular computer-animated superhero movie from Walt Disney Pictures, Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed on Tuesday during the company's annual shareholders meeting in Oregon.

Iger said The Incredibles 2 as well as Cars 3 are both in development, with Incredibles director Brad Bird formulating the sequel's plot. No timeline was given on their releases, but an announcement on the Disney Pixar Facebook page just made it official.
Cars 3 I can do without - Cars 2 was really nothing more than "Do It For The Merchandising!". We will most likely pick it up on Blu-Ray once it's out, because the kids enjoyed the first two iterations, but I suspect they're both too old for this one. I'm also more than a little curious to see where they take the franchise - Toy Story 3 was, in some people's opinions, the best of the trilogy, for example (I vastly preferred the original but they were all excellent).

But Incredibles 2? I have three words for that: About [expletive] time. The Incredibles is by far my favorite Pixar film to date, and is certainly in my top five all-time favorite movies, period. The characters, while relying on superhero tropes, are original and vibrant - who'd ever heard of a superhero having a mid-life crisis before? Oh, sure, you could argue that Frank Miller's Dark Knight was, but that's really more of the struggles of the Bat than a mid-life crisis.

I am *very* curious to see where the second installment takes us. They might pick up where the first movie left off, with the family all battling the Underminer. One of the great parts about animated shows is the characters never age, so spacing the sequel more than a decade later won't make that much difference. Or, it could pick up ~ 10 years later, with Violet off on her own, Dash a high school senior, and Jack-Jack as a fifth-grader.

It's a pretty reasonable assumption that, with the Pixar team on the job, the second installment won't be a simple retelling of the first. I haven't yet seen a Pixar movie I didn't like - even Wall-E and Ratatouille were decent films - and they've been good about changing up the sequels. I suspect that no matter what the storyline might be, we'll be treated to great writing, amazing scenery, and a fun time for everyone in the family.

"What could happen? We're Supers!"

That is all.


KevinC said...

Plus the whole movie is an homage to the James Bond movies of the 60's and 70's. From the music (The Propellerheads cover of "On Her Majesty's Secret Sevice" is heard throughout the film), to the cinematography (The space robot detaching shot was stolen, STOLEN from "You Only Live Twice", and water/foot race was right out of "The Man With The Golden Gun") to the villain and his lair and his femme fatale, it's a Bond film without the PPK.

And also, it's quite possibly the greatest libertarian movie made.

Jennifer said...

ZOMG! Incredibles! So freaking excited.

Evyl Robot Michael said...

Like you, I regard The Incredibles to be among the best movies ever made. It makes our regular watch rotation more frequently than about anything else in our DVD collection. I've spent the last decade wishing for a sequel. This is the best news I've received all day!

Geodkyt said...

Incredibles 2!?! SQUEE!!!!!!!!!!!

jimmie said...

Not sure if you know this but some of frank Miller's Batman comics have made it to dvd. Cant recall the name of it. The dark night strikes back i think. The one where batman fights the mutants and he lets people think he's dead in the end. I really hope they do the 2nd series where he beats the piss out of superman.

instinct said...

Brad Bird said once that his head was like a giant airplane hanger with all kinds of projects in various stages.

He has always wanted to do a sequel to the Incredibles, he just had to wait till it was done forming up there.

Jimmie - It was "The Dark Knight Returns"

jimmie said...

Yea i came home and looked, stikes back is the one i'm wanting them to make.