Tuesday, March 25, 2014


So, last night on Facebook, I was called out for my opinions on this list:

The 51 Coolest Trucks Of All Time
There’s just something we all like about a pickup, man.

[Editor's Note: Our list is not ranked from 51 to 1. These are just our favorite trucks.]
Now, that's an ambitious undertaking, and one that's certainly fraught with peril.Trucks are a very personal thing; you mess with a man's truck, you are asking for trouble. One need look only at the superabundance of pickup trucks in country music to see that...

Overall, a pretty good showing. Like Bruce, who brought it to my attention, I scoffed at the inclusion of the Hummer H3. Really? A re-bodied Chevy Colorado is a "coolest truck of all time" yet the 1959 El Camino - or any other year El Camino - isn't?

They did have some very cool packages shown, including several I'd never heard of:

Chevy Blazer Chalet

Dodge Power Wagon Top Hand

(pictures from linked article)

There are some that are guaranteed, like the Bronco, the Suburban, and the Land Rover Defender. There are some that make you scratch your head, like the Suzuki Samarai (Really? Didn't they have problems with, oh, falling over if you looked at 'em the wrong way?) or the aforementioned H3), and some that were included not because they were terrifically fast or cool, but because they started trends, like sport trucks or hardcore diesel engines.

Another interesting thing is how many trucks got their start with military applications. The Jeep and the Dodge Power Wagon I think most people know, but the Mercedes Unimog and the Lamborghini LM? Yep. They were started as military vehicles. Obviously ditto the Hummer. I suspect there's a reason that military-ish vehicles appeal so strongly to us.

And just look how many trucks on the list have been the Pic of the Week here. Lambo LM, Syclone, Blazer, Lil Red Express Truck... Think I'm onto something here. I've owned five trucks in my life; two SUVs (one way back when there wasn't even an "SUV" classification - it was listed as "Other" in the body type) and three pickups (all Dodge Rams; I have had one representation from every body style Ram since 1972...) 

Lastly, a lot of the trucks are shown with or feature camping equipment. That's one of the thing things I love about the Earthf**ker. Whether towing the camper or tossing tents and sleeping bags in the back, one of the greatest things about a pickup truck is that you can get away for the weekend with minimal effort. The only vehicle I've owned that even vaguely approached a pickup for utility of hauling camping gear was my '83 Coupe de Ville - the trunk was basically large enough to rent out for weddings...

So, what did or didn't make the list that you thought shouldn't or should be on it?

That is all.


Formynder said...

I'm surprised that the Toyota Tacoma didn't make the list, given that it practically single-handedly killed off the rest of the small truck market. The two episodes of Top Gear where they try to kill off a Toyota truck are a couple of my favorites.

I have a 2013 quad cab and I love it. Even with the shorter bed it has enough capacity for most of my needs.

And I see tons of them out here in VA. Very ubiquitous, and they make great utility trucks when you don't need a giant bed or tons of towing power.

RipRip said...

Damn don't knock the Sami that was BS about them rolling over just like Chevy's with saddle tanks bursting into flames. You can make one hell of an off roader out of a Sami.

Anonymous said...

No Rangers?

Ed said...

The 1973 Jeep CJ-5 was listed as a "utility vehicle" body type - not a "sports utility vehicle".

There was plenty of room for camping gear as long as only two people were camping and you removed the rear seat. The cooler was the largest single piece of camping gear.

Jim said...

My favorite truck is no more.

Feb. 27, 1:10 pm. I'm on FM-518, Eastbound, right lane of a four lane road, with center turn lane. Speed limit 40 mph, and I'm doing just under.

We lass, all of 18 y/o, cellphone in hand, decides she needs to make a left turn into the Sonic Drive-In. So, she turns in front of my truck, only 2 truck lengths away.

Yeah, I got on the brakes, and I think the calipers cinched down on the discs for maybe one whole second, before impact in a classic "T-bone" collision.

Totaled not only both vehicles, but a 3rd, a Ford Flex, which had been in the Sonic driveway, waiting to enter traffic.

My truck, a 2000 F-150 XLT SuperCab with matching fiberglass shell, had 47,032 miles on it at the time.

Yes, I was banged up. Yes, I'm still pissed.

Yes, I've hired a lawyer.

Sunk New Dawn
Galveston, TX

Cargosquid said...

I agree. Where's the Tacomas? My 2003 Quad kick's butt.

I think that there were too many station wagons.....those aren't "pick ups"! and like Uncle said....

Where's the El Camino?