Monday, February 17, 2014

So, Yeah, About That...

Sorry about the lack of bloggy goodness. Went up North this weekend for some family time - celebrating my folks' 49th anniversary as well as my son's birthday and my sister's. Fortunately we tend to group holidays together (the next clump is in April, when it's my birthday, my wife's birthday, my mom's birthday, *and* Easter all in a three-week window. Yikes.

We're getting the pattern down for minimizing traffic, and while it seems to work well (we've made the trip in as little as 8 hours, 15 minutes with only two stops), it cuts down on the time we have to visit with folks, especially like the past two times where it has been snowing so hard that we've canceled plans. We're going to try to make it out for a somewhat extended visit (like 3 days instead of two) and see some more friends while we're up.

It also means that "free" time is pretty much non-existent this weekend, so content will be limited to, well, this post.

Especially considering that, as we were literally about to head out, we discovered that the battery in my wife's car had chosen *after* we had loaded all of our stuff in it to die. Yeah, not fun - although a heck of a lot better than dying at the first rest stop... Tossed it on the charger this morning and it cranked right over, so we got a new battery in and that should be all set...

That's another one of those truisms, that cars and houses seem to know when you have extra money...

We retrieved the last bit of stored stuff this past weekend, so now we officially have all of our stuff here. I'm glad that we moved the renter's insurance paperwork from our apartment we had in the late 1990s - you never know when someone's going to force you to prove that you had insurance you never used 17 years ago! At some point, though, we're going to pitch some of this stuff.

Anyone know where I can rent an incinerator???

That is all.

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Old NFO said...

You do what you have to, and moving is NEVER fun... Enjoy the time you can get with family, and congrats to your folks!!!