Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Toyota Recalls 1.9 Million Prius Vehicles Worldwide Over Glitch
Toyota is recalling 1.9 million hybrid Prius cars globally for a software glitch that could cause them to stall.

The company said Wednesday that 713,000 vehicles in North America were being recalled. No accidents or injuries have been reported related to the problem.

Let's recap. The Fisker Karma explodes if it gets wet. The Chevy Volt has issues with the battery catching fire. The Tesla catches fire if it hits road debris. And now the Prius has a software glitch that could cause it to stall out and stop moving. This isn't exactly what would qualify as a glowing endorsement of so-called "alternative" energy vehicles here, folks...

Look, I want an alternative fuel vehicle as bad as the next guy; more, probably, as I have an hour-long commute in slow/stopped traffic, the kind that an electric car is perfect for (except for the whole running out of juice part). I'm seriously considering the Elio for a host of reasons, but the two most significant being it's a standard engine and the price.

But until electric/hybrid cars stop bursting into flames or whimsically stop running, I'll stick with gasoline, thanks...

That is all.


Anonymous said...

I'm actually looking forward to Ballard Power Systems entry into the automobile market.

They already have inroads into the bus market. (And they don't quit running, explode when wet, explode when hitting road debris, and have been improving for the past 10 years.)

It is a fuel cell vehicle. Well built Canadian firm.

Joseph in IL

Ted said...

Given the recent tendacy of Ferraris to also burst into flames I'm switching my lottery hybrid from the La Ferrari to the nice dependable German over engineered million dollar each 918.

libertyman said...

Jay, if you buy that Elio, I will never speak to you again.

Veeshir said...

You can use a bike on the HOV lanes too.

My buddy got a Honda Insight for the commute from the Dumfries/Manassas exit to Alexandria, but he got it very cheap and he's shop foreman at a Honda dealer so it makes sense.

Me? When I lived there I used to work 5am to 2:30 so as to avoid the whole mess.

It took me 45 minutes when I left at 4:15am, over an hour when I left at 5:30 and 2 hours when I left after 6am.
DC traffic is ugly.