Friday, February 28, 2014

Reasons I Left MA, Part ???

Joseph in IL has been scanning MA papers looking for news from my old state. He found this wonderful story...

Doughnut shop in Mass. YMCA won't sell doughnuts
QUINCY, Mass. (AP) — A doughnut shop chain won't be selling doughnuts at a new Massachusetts location.

Quincy's licensing board this week approved a plan for Honey Dew Donuts to open a shop inside the city's new $30 million YMCA.
Yes. The donut shop that's going into the local Y isn't going to be allowed to sell donuts. That makes perfect sense - in Massachusetts maybe. Why on earth did they approve a Honey Dew Donuts if they weren't going to allow them to sell the food product that's in their damn name??? (Note for clarification: The YMCA isn't going to allow the donut shop to sell donuts, not the licensing board).

And of course, in the ultimate display of style over substance, there are other items on the Honey Dew menu that are perfectly fine to sell - but are higher in calories and fat than some of the donuts. Great planning there, Quincy YMCA! Donuts Bad! Muffins Good! The real question I'd like to know is if the YMCA told Honey Dew they couldn't sell donuts before or after Honey Dew went through the permitting process...

Ah, Massachusetts - you continue to provide me with blogfodder!

That is all.


Paul, Dammit! said...

I grew up the next town over. I expect no less.

Anonymous said...

They are not Duncan Donuts. I think you all had DD in churches and hospitals.


Ed said...

Like many things in Massachusetts, dealing with the biased perception of reality is more comfortable than dealing with the reality. A higher fat and caloric muffin is preferable to a lower fat and caloric doughnut because the muffin is perceived to be "healthier". Why? Because it is NOT a doughnut.

Despite the fact that possession and responsible use of a firearm makes you safer, many in Massachusetts firmly believe that a firearm is inherently unsafe, dangerous and evil. Only trained police officers can be safe with them, as the badge they wear imparts magical powers to render firearms safe. The perception trumps reality. Rather than choose not to possess a firearm, they insist that it shall be unlawful for you to possess one as well. Only police chiefs possess the magical power to predict who among the non-police officers MIGHT be safe with firearms when they possess a Massachusetts License to Carry Firearms.

Yet in neighboring Vermont, no state issued license is required to possess and carry a firearm, but the people of Vermont are safer. That is just not a perception, that is reality.

RabidAlien said...

Heh. Someone needs to send them a butt-load of little muffin trays. Ones that make circular muffins with a hole in the middle.