Wednesday, February 19, 2014

"It Just 'Went Off'!"

A reader sends in this interesting (and by "interesting" I mean "stupid") story out of, where else, Chicago - where only the cops should have guns, right?

Chicago officer's gun discharges in police station
CHICAGO — A supervisor accidentally fired his gun in the Central District police station in the South Loop, hitting a water pipe and causing it to leak for two hours while police waited on city engineers.

The discharge happened about 9:40 p.m., according to police. After the gun went off, police noticed a trickle of water coming from the first-floor ceiling before it turned into a gushing stream.
There's a lot of questions here that, I fear, will never be answered. Why was this officer's gun out of his holster in the station? Is it standard procedure for police officers to draw their duty weapons while sitting at their desks? Why was his finger on the trigger? Is there no safety training in the Chicago PD? He wasn't even pointing it in a safe direction, as it struck a water pipe (I assume overhead). And, lastly, this happens so often, as seen in the comments, that it has its own term: Desk pop.

So, let's recap, shall we? Officer Fife has his duty weapon drawn for no discernible reason. Strike one. He puts his boogerhook on the bang switch. Strike two. He doesn't watch where the muzzle points. Strike three. He pulls the trigger. Strike four. And this happens so often in police stations around the country that there's a term for it. Riiiiight.

Imagine, folks, if this had been a concealed carry permit holder in a coffee shop. Think about the unmitigated glee that would have filled the various newsrooms and editorial boards across the nation if they could have tarred all CCW holders with the brush for this guy. "Reckless!" "Irresponsible!" "Dangerous!" - and worst of all, they'd be right. Instead, because it was a cop, this is completely ignored, found only as a throw-away story on a bulletin board for police officers.

The only consolation is that this cop is going to have his life made a living hell by his co-workers - something tells me that "Rainman" is going to receive a LOT of ribbing about this...

That is all.


Formynder said...

Maybe his buddies talked him into doing a "desk pop".

Ted said...

Gee Sarge there's water everywhere shouldn't we do something??

Not your job. I called the city plumbers.

When minutes count the plumbers are hours away

Ed said...

The Federal plumbers are more bothersome to deal with. Ask Nixon.