Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Car Pr0n #18

Today's car pic is another one of the very first cars that I ever lusted after so much I went looking to buy one.

That's a 1981 Datsun (remember them? They would become Nissan in 1986...) 280ZX Turbo, at the time it was imported, it was the fastest Japanese car imported into the US. The model that I found and fell in love with was a 1983 version, in black, with tinted windows and the four-spoke mag wheels.

Sadly, it was sold before I could secure financing, and I wound up buying a VW GTI, which really wasn't a bad substitute - the GTI may not have been as fast off the line as the "Z", but it could corner like it was on rails and it was pretty good on gas, too. I briefly flirted with an '81 "Z" but it was in rough shape and not worth the $3K the guy wanted for it given all the rust and rot.

But yeah, if I hit Powerball I'm going to find an '83 and restore it...

That is all.


LCB said...

I went so far as to stop at a Datsun dealer. The salesmen ignored me because I was so young looking. I got mad and left.

Ended up with a '78 Trans Am 6.6, with a 400, 4 speed hurst, and about 2 miles to the gallon. Ahhh...I miss that car.

Anonymous said...

Datsun did not become Nissan in 1986, Jay. Datsun was an economy car line for Nissan Motors (NisMo) which has been around since the '30s. In the 1980's Nissan North America realized that Datsun was associated with cheap econo-boxes so they dropped the name, revised the lineup and moved upmarket with Nissan. Toyota did a similar thing in the 1980's when they created Lexus because the Toyota name was not associated with luxury. No one would comparison shop a Toyota with a Merc or BMW, but a Lexus LS400 was a different matter. Note that for the first time a Toyota product had an alpha-numeric designator like a German sedan.

My favourite vintage NisMo product would be the original 240Z, preferably the UK version with a 5-speed. I hate the rubber bumpers of the '70s and '80s on any car.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, but you won't find one. Those things were like my '74 Vega GT - built out of compressed rust. After a few years in the Wisconsin weather and bouncing around on our frost-heaved roads, they fell apart pretty quick.

Jennifer said...

I had a 1982. Red with t-tops and a 5-speed. Loved that car right up until she got t-boned on a rainy evening as I was leaving the office. Ripped the body from top to bottom. I stayed in the car until the police got there so as not to do the same to guy that hit me.
I'll have another one someday. I'll find one. They don't decay quite so readily down here.

Anonymous said...

Back-in-the-day, I worked as a PI for a PI with a 240Z (!) with a Walther PPKs in his glove box.
I had a Plymouth Duster and a Ruger Security six.
I was jealous.


Maureen Williams said...

My cousin had an 81 in black. Five speed. Sucker MOOOOOOVED. Promised it to me when she was getting ready to sell it. Then she moved to Minnesota for a year and it rusted all to hell. Never saw it again. Sigh.

Joe Texan said...

If you ever do get one, a former employer of mine sells restoration parts. That would be Black Dragon Automotive, a division of Long Motor Corp.