Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Feel-Good Story of the Day...

Saw this on Facebook yesterday, and it's WAY too good not to share...

Militants accidentally set off own car bomb at training camp in Iraq, leaving 21 dead
BAGHDAD – Militants accidentally set off their own car bomb Monday at a training camp in the countryside north of Baghdad, leaving 21 dead and resulting in two dozen arrests, Iraqi officials said.

In the city of Mosul to the north, meanwhile, the speaker of parliament — one of the most prominent Sunni officials in Iraq — escaped unhurt from a roadside bomb attack on his motorcade.
I think I can safely say that THIS is exactly the kind of car bomb that we can all support. "Here, Achmed, you have to hook up the blue wire over he- NOT THE RED [BOOOOOOM]"


But wait, it gets better. The explosion alerted the good guys, who swooped in, captured a bunch of insurgents, and shut down a facility where they made car bombs to kill innocent people.

  • 21 Dead tangos.
  • 22 Tangos in custody.
  • One car bomb making facility shut down.

Damn, but that's a good day right there...

That is all.

Another dispatch from...
(image courtesy of Robb Allen)


Stretch said...

"New guy."

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Apparently, the car bomb demonstrator was an instructor.

Al-Queda denies that it was Inspector Cleaseau and he most definately did not say, "And this is what it sounds like".

Joseph in IL

Cargosquid said...


Eyewitness account.

New guy indeed

Ed said...

The Massachusetts Legislature blames the car. They will soon pass a bill outlawing cars, for the safety of the children.