Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Even More Good News!

Also off the BLNN is this interesting tidbit:

Florida bill would set hard prison time for welfare fraudsters
Florida welfare fraudsters beware. A bipartisan legislative effort designed to clobber public assistance abuse may soon send welfare perps to prison for a long time.

Ripping off Medicaid, food stamps or taxpayer-funded cash assistance programs for more than $100,000 could mean 30 years in prison, the sentencing equivalent of seriously hurting a law officer.

It's really sad that it has to come down to this, it really is. What's worse, when you think about it, is that there is an entire system that is failing - aren't there all kinds of case workers that help folks get on assistance? Isn't there, like, an entire government agency whose sole task is the disbursement of so-called assistance programs?

Why, then, are such draconian measures needed? Doesn't that make you wonder? Doesn't it make you think that there are a whole bunch of government workers - that get paid decent money, with health care and pensions - who simply are not doing their jobs? I mean, I've blogged about some of the cases of fraud, and we're not talking about Moriarity levels of criminal acumen here. We're talking about dozens of names at a single address that could be ferreted out by some old-fashioned detective work.

Or, you know, sorting an Excel file, 1995-style...

That is all.


B said...

Why set the limit at $100K?

Why not $10K or less?

Murphy's Law said...

What I noticed is that they set the bar high in regards to the dollar amount of fraud needed to trigger the penalties. This ensures that they'll only nail a select few--probably store owners who buy the food stamps for cash--and never affect the typical seller of food stamps or scammer with multiple EBT cards and/or a cash job under the table. It's just smoke and mirrors and window dressing for another government program that is rife with fraud and abuse...but hey--let's let these same people run a national health care system!

Ted said...

........ Or a few lines of code to generate and then email a list on a daily basis.

No. The message being sent is " please change the names and numbers you are useing on a regular basis so you stay under the radar. Pigs will be slaughtered. "

Ed said...

The penalty for welfare fraud is .... three squares and a cot, including medical and dental care?

RabidAlien said...

Ed beat me to it. We're telling folks that if they scam a system where they get free food, medical care, and housing, all provided by taxpayers, and punish them by sending them to a place where they get free food, medical care, and housing, all provided by taxpayers. Yep. Lesson learned, there.