Friday, February 14, 2014

Don't Forget...

Better get your special someone the right Valentine's Day gift!

And no, I'm not saying that you should get the woman in your life an M&P with a pink grip because pink is for girls. I'm saying you should get this because it's the Julie Golob version, and that makes it awesome.It comes with black grip inserts, too, in case your special someone doesn't care for pink. Of course, it's out of production, so good luck finding one.

But Whitman's? SRSLY? Spring for a decent box of chocolates at least...

That is all.

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Dave H said...

At my house the preferred brand was Anthony Thomas. The factory was right across the street from my office and my wife could go shop for her favorites. (Imagine being able to pick out your favorites from a sampler and buying a pound of each.)

Nowadays I make my own. Chocolate covered strawberries are easy, and white chocolate raspberries are worth the aggravation.