Monday, January 6, 2014

Well Done!

Soldier puts out arsonists' blaze at crowded Seattle nightclub on New Year's Eve
SEATTLE – The quick thinking of a U.S. Army staff sergeant likely helped prevent a fire inside a Seattle night club from becoming a tragedy during New Year's Eve celebrations.

Seattle police say 750 were people celebrating in the club Neighbours when an arsonist poured gasoline on a carpeted stairway and set it ablaze.
Now, imagine if those quick-thinking and fast-acting servicemen hadn't been at that night club. Happy Land, anyone? Fire - especially in a place packed with people all celebrating (and a number under the influence - can be a fast killer. The fire at the Station Night club in RI killed 100 people - and was the fourth-deadliest nightclub fire in US history. Think about that for a second - that means that there have been three more nightclub fires with higher death tolls. The fourth-deadliest fire killed more than three times as many people as the worst shooting.

The forces against freedom like to pretend that firearms are the only way that someone can wreak havoc upon large numbers of people. They do this because they want to ban the civilian ownership of firearms, not because then genuinely care about stopping violence. They only care about the tool used, not the end result, because firearms represent freedom, dangerous dangerous freedom. Free people - armed - people are hard to control. People that depend on the government for everything, including their own defense, are easy.

Fortunately, we're seeing through their charade more and more each day.

That is all.

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LCB said...

Yeah...the third biggest was just 20 miles or so south of where I live: Beverly Hills Supperclub. Still amazed and sickened by how fast that one was...killed 126 people. :-(

Ted said...

The arsonist brought a bottle of gasoline to an establishment that is already filled with bottles of flammable liquids????

Ed said...

A gallon of gasoline is much cheaper than a gallon of 190 proof alcohol.