Monday, January 6, 2014

Want A House With A Kick?

Celebrity house for sale: Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris, whose beard is too tough for Mount Rushmore, has listed his Dallas home for sale, according to

This house was his home on the show "Walker, Texas Ranger" and features a Total Gym weight room and a resort pool. And remember, Japan has Godzilla, but Texas has Chuck Norris.
For under a million dollars, you could own Chuck Norris's house. That's some pressure right there, folks, because at any moment, Chuck could come and roundhouse kick you into next week and take the house back. We can only assume that Chuck has four bedrooms and seven bathrooms because he believes in providing all amenities to people he has beaten to a bloody pulp.

I wonder if you have to have a beard to enter?

That is all.


Old NFO said...

That would actually be a GOOD buy! :-)

RabidAlien said...

It'll have to have some renovation work done. None of Chuck Norris' houses have doors....just walls he walks through.