Friday, January 24, 2014

Those Tolerant Lefties...

Just imagine, if you will. Imagine if George W. Bush, while Governor of Texas; Mitt Romney, while governor of Massachusetts; or Jeb Bush, while governor of Florida had done something like this. Do you think we would have seen anything but this in the news? Since it's a (D) gov and a conservative muckracker, OTOH, the crickets are deafening...

Conservative activist O'Keefe claims Cuomo targeting his group
Conservative activist James O'Keefe is accusing New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's administration of targeting his group with document requests and a subpoena, claiming the Democratic governor's recent comments critical of conservatives "aren't simply words."

O'Keefe, whose Project Veritas is behind a series of hidden-camera investigations against left-leaning groups and causes, made the claims on the heels of the controversy over a recent Cuomo interview. In it, Cuomo blasted "extreme conservatives who are right-to-life, pro-assault-weapon, anti-gay" and said they "have no place" in New York. He later walked back his remarks, and said they were being taken out of context in the media.

But O'Keefe claimed that Cuomo's government is acting on those words, revealing that the Department of Labor has hit his office in Westchester County, N.Y., with demands for financial documents for months. He compared it to IRS targeting of conservative groups nationwide.
Just imagine. Imagine George Bush asking the Texas Department of Labor to investigate Helen Thomas. Imagine the unholy poopstorm that would ensue. For WEEKS all we would hear about on the evening news, the weekend talk programs, the front page of the NYT, and all over CNN would be the story of the HORRIBLE PERSECUTION at the hands of the EEEEEVIL Bush government. We'd be subjected to expert after expert on the First Amendment, all shaking their heads and sternly proclaiming how this is a serious crisis; that the "persecution" of a journalist should not be tolerated in the United States of America.

But when it's a conservative-leaning journalist being raked over the coals by a left-leaning governor? Oh, that's perfectly fine. There's nothing to see here, and we sure as hell aren't going to report on it. It's really funny, in a sad and pathetic kind of way. They're cutting their own throats, because the faked outrage when it does eventually happen one of their own will be strained and tired. In a discussion on leadership, the topic of credibility was mentioned. The media, as a whole, simply has no credibility when it comes to denouncing heavy-handed government action.

And if that doesn't scare the living bejeezus out of you, well, I can't help you.

That is all.

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Murphy's Law said...

The media and the Democrat party have interbred to the point where the media serves as a party functionary of the Democrats. This, and the rise of the stupid people bloc as a majority, is why we lose elections now. When the Gimmedats all vote, coupled with the union vote and the slobs who think that liberal comedy TV shows are "news", the rest of us--the productive 47%--lose. And when the illegals get their amnesty and start voting Dem, it'll be over for the likes of us and America as it was meant to be. But the Dems don't care so long as they get to wield total power over whatever is left.

Cargosquid said...

That's because conservatives are eeeeviiiil...

Any actions against them are merely defense of all that is right and good.

The sad part is that the above statement is not a joke. I'm paraphrasing comments that I've seen and heard.

Oh...and thanks for going to that new number captcha....much easier.