Thursday, January 30, 2014

Standards of the Double Variety...

We saw a fair bit of news about the two people shot dead by a teenaged skateboarder in Maryland. How come another tragic story with a higher body count gets ignored?

NYC stabbing suspect of wife, 2 daughters snapped after seeing photos of her with another
NEW YORK – New York City prosecutors say a 29-year-old man hugged and kissed his two young daughters before stabbing them to death and killing their mother.

Prosecutors say Miguel Mejia-Ramos rifled through his wife's phone and Facebook page on Sunday night and snapped when he saw an image of her with another man. Prosecutors say he grabbed a knife and stabbed 21-year-old Deisy Garcia to death, then killed 2-year-old Daniela and 1-year-old Yoselin.
Burn in hell, you monster.

I love my kids more than life itself. I would sacrifice myself if it meant saving them, and I would do it gladly. I would also kill to save them, and I will stand before a judge, jury, and the face of G-d Himself unrepentant about my actions if they were committed to save my kids. The thought of consciously doing harm to them is so incredibly foreign to me that I literally cannot even consider how someone could do it.

As far as I can see, there's two possibilities. Either the person accused of the killings is mentally ill (and there's a decent case for that to be made regardless), in which case more [certain tool] control wouldn't have worked, or he's a psychopath of the highest order. Also, again, in which case more [certain tool] control wouldn't have worked.

And because he used a different tool, he doesn't push an agenda, so no one gives a rat's ass about those two kids.

That's wrong. I don't care which side of the debate you're on. You can't claim that a mass shooting is a tragedy because of the young lives lost yet ignore two little girls brutally murdered by their own father simply because he didn't use the correct tool. It's all a tragedy. The tool used doesn't matter. Focusing on the tool is short-sighted and will not change a damn thing. And they know that. And the ghouls will go on dancing in the blood of the innocents - but only certain innocents - and claim that we need more [tool type] control.

Those of us who believe in freedom and personal responsibility are horrified by all acts of violence towards our children, not just the acts committed with a certain tool.

That is all.


Murphy's Law said...

Let's not overlook the fact tat Miguel and his wife/victim were in our country illegally (and he was caught trying to flee back to Mexico) and that story won't sit well with the current administration's efforts to make all the other illegals instant citizens/democrat voters.

Laura said...

illegals or not, they're not white so the major news outlets don't care. they only care when white people get hurt or killed.